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  • I'm going to explain how

  • to modify comparative adjectives.

  • To describe a small difference,

  • you can use the words 'a bit',

  • 'a little' or 'slightly', for example:

  • 'Tom is a bit taller than me.'

  • 'Tom is a little taller than me'.

  • And 'Tom is slightly taller than me.'

  • To compare big differences, you can use

  • 'a lot', 'significantly', 'farand 'much', for example:

  • 'Physics is much more difficult than history.'

  • 'Physics is a lot more difficult than history.'

  • 'Physics is far more difficult than history.'

  • Or: 'Physics is significantly more  difficult than history.'

  • The final thing to mention is which words

  • can't be used with comparative adjectives.

  • 'Very' and 'really' can never be used in

  • a comparative sentence.

  • Compare comparative adjectives with

  • 'a bit', 'a little',  'slightlyfor small differences,

  • or 'a lot', 'significantly', 'far' and 'much'

  • for big differences.

I'm going to explain how

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Modifying Comparative Adjectives - English In A Minute

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/19
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