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  • Mhm.

  • Do you think Sadiq Khan strikes again with his illegal street space scheme right here in Greenwich?

  • It is blocking down the roads.

  • These people over here are yelling behind me saying, when are you gonna get the mayor of London out of office?

  • Because he's ruining our neighborhoods with these poorly thought out schemes that never consulted the stakeholders in the very communities they block.

  • It looks like his green initiative because the mayor is the master of press releases.

  • But what it actually does is increases emissions, increases journey time, finds people for coming to see members of their own family.

  • It hurts businesses because there's less footfall.

  • It's just a horrible, horrible idea.

  • These need to be completely rethought when I become the next mayor of London and people are sick and tired of this.

  • Mr Mayor, I've been to end field, I've been to South archive in the ceiling and non Greenwich and nobody likes these things and they were never consulted about it.

  • And it's frustrating what the mayor is trying to do is raise millions of pounds and fines to pay for his bankrupt transportation system.

  • None of this makes sense to me.

  • I've worked for 30 years in business and in business you hold people accountable, but what you don't do, let's try to tax your way out of your own failures.

  • And that's what the mayor is doing.

  • I know how to run TFl at a profit.

  • That's what we don't have to result to these ridiculous schemes and find citizens in the worst recession in 300 years.

  • It just doesn't make sense.

  • And everyone is frustrated.

  • Every single one of these places I go to, they're angry and they should be angry.

  • And yet when the mayor comes out in public as he was an infield just a few weeks ago and citizens come up to him and say, mr, mayor, can you please two minutes of your time to explain to us why you did this?

  • He actually runs and hides and we saw the footage of people walking after him.

  • I actually spoke to the cyclist in that footage just two days ago in Enfield and he said, brian, I just want our leaders to be held accountable.

  • I want them to answer questions.

  • That's all I wanted from Sadiq and that's why I'm talking to you today.

  • I appreciate you being here.

  • I appreciate you asking the hard questions.

  • So that's what we're doing.

  • I want to rethink all of this, including the congestion charge.

  • I want to run TFl at a profit.

  • And again, this is just another example of failure by Sadiq khan.

  • Five years of failure when it comes to transport solutions, when it comes to knife crime horrendous.

  • His record.

  • When it comes to building houses, where are the houses Mr Mayor and when it comes to actively rebuilding our economy, this man has no clue.

  • He's never run a business in his life.

  • And London is going to struggle for potentially decades if we leave him in office, I'm presenting an option.

  • I have just released my 50 page manifesto that has in detail all of my solutions to work on the economy to work on transport.

  • You've seen it out there and I'm so proud of this document.

  • You can go to our website, brian from there dot London forward slash manifesto and download it.

  • We've got three weeks left.

  • Let's make this happen.

  • Let's get rid of this nonsense.

  • Street space is over.

  • Sadiq Khan is over independent voice, new direction, Brian from Air A six Yeah.


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