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  • mhm boom.

  • I am here by the cutty Sark, historically one of the fastest boats of its time out in the borough of Greenwich.

  • It's absolutely stunning.

  • Out here behind me.

  • You can see canary warf and this incredible, incredible source of commerce.

  • That's also going to help make sure we can run tfl at a profit.

  • This over here is also going to help us Put 10,000 new police officers on the street and this is all part of what I'm talking about which is in our manifesto for the future.

  • And this is the document that all of London is talking about right now.

  • This is hot.

  • It's 50 pages of what's taken me and my team eight months to research and it's literally a blueprint for the success of London.

  • You can go read this right now at brian from mayor dot London forward slash manifesto.

  • We are going to be delivering more of these into the hands of Londoners than any manifesto has in the history of this city that goes back pretty far because we're so passionate about this.

  • People are blown away.

  • I've had people in politics for 30 40 years and says this is the best manifesto they've ever seen and it highlights in detail our solutions for this city.

  • One of them is the infrastructure tax that's gonna pay for my 10,000 officers on the street, that's gonna make tfl run at a profit and it's all in here and I love this borough, I love being in Greenwich, I love being out here.

  • So many things that remind me of things in my past.

  • This is actually the tunnel that goes underneath the river thames and I actually ran through here when I ran a marathon through London.

  • It was after my iron mine race or my an Ironman race from my movie Iron mines and I thought I'm just gonna run a marathon and I just did it one day and part of me brought me through here on like mile 20 I was dying.

  • But I went down to the tunnel and I went over here actually finished at city Hall, strangely enough on that first marathon.

  • And so I love this city when I come out here.

  • I guess you get so excited when I see it.

  • I've just spoken to people on the streets about my plan to rebuild London's economy, my great celebration in august 31 days of street fairs and music festivals.

  • Everyone loves the idea.

  • I spoke with some taxi drivers wives there and I told Mohammed to get them back in business and they all say yes brian, they all say get rid of mayor city con.

  • That's what they say.

  • They say, get rid of them, we want him out of office and that's what we plan on doing.

  • You can vote now via post Or you can vote on May six but make sure it happens Brian rose has to be your first choice.

  • I'm the only person who can beat city con.

  • I have the best alternatives.

  • And again check out my policies.

  • This shows that we have skin in the game, we have real ideas, real plans.

  • I have a great passion as well and a lot of people you know, they show up and they say what's the guy with the suits but they stay for the policies and then they're gonna stay and vote.

  • And I couldn't be more excited to put these things into place and turn London around and make this the world class city that we all know it is.

  • I love this city, it's given me everything and I want to give something back.

  • So thank you to everybody in Greenwich for having us today.

  • We went through all through the borough.

  • We're streaming live from the back of the digital battle bus.

  • Come help us make this win votes support volunteer.

  • Come to the website is going to be fantastic.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Greenwich will come into every other borough in London for the next three weeks, and on May six we are going to win the greatest upset in British political history.

  • There will be a new mayor of London and his name is Brian Rose.

  • Mhm.

mhm boom.

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