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When I graduated college I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life.
The Animal Family Portrait
I took a trip to Australia and found a job at a small wild life park called Cavershem.
I have always loved animals, but had no clue what it was like to work with them.
I didn't see the depth of the job in front of me, I just saw animals.
Caversham is owned and run by a mother, a father, brother and sister.
After seeing how much training was involved I was amazed that Debbie hired me.
They taught me my entire foundation as far as caring for animals.
I loved every aspect of it
and felt like part of their family.
I was really upset when came time to leave Australia because my visa had ended.
It was very heartbreaking
but luckily I was entering a new phase in my life as a zookeeper at the Alabama Gulf coast zoo.
Caring for animals is a tremendous responsibility
but is also the biggest pleasure in my life
very rewarding
Every day I miss my friends back in Australia and when I get to do something really cool, for the first time, I just think is because of them.
It's really important for me that I keep in touch with everyone from back in Cavershem and see them face to face.
It's a lot of fun to see how big the animals have gotten.
I cannot describe to you my love for these animals.
I need to know what’s going on, tell me the latest.
Without Caversham, never in a million years would I be doing what I am doing today.
I always take the time to thank them.
Thank you. You got me here. Thank you.
Family is not limited to blood by any means in my world.
It’s an amazing experience to have the people live so far away, with the animals I love the most, in my living room, even though they are a world apart.
It's like the distance isn't there.
For a moment we were a zoo.
To have all of my Australian family and animals together it's really something special.
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The Animal Family Portrait -- A unique family brought together by Skype

2037 Folder Collection
Chrissy Lin published on August 4, 2014    Chrissy Lin translated    Christina Sun reviewed
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