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  • Hello.

  • Hey, down here with brian Rose potential candidate or potential next month.

  • London Really?

  • Obviously I'm not asking about one particular policy that's brewing.

  • London's health first as a sign helping friends professional.

  • Uh, we would like to know what kind of questions you have planned or we want to implement and what's, uh, intentionally going there.

  • So the fact that they shut our gyms down for the past four or five months, I think there's been a big mistake we saw even by public Health England Zone data that Kobe transmissions were only responsible at 1.7% in gyms.

  • So it was one of the safest place to go.

  • We know it's good for our health and well being what I did yesterday.

  • I went to the gym because it hadn't been open in four months and I think it's such an important part that the government's not talking about it.

  • We need to be proactive about investing in our health.

  • And the government now rewards you for, you know, having pints and eating bad food, but they don't reward you for going to the gym, moving off the food.

  • Yeah, of course.

  • You have to look at the Kansas really.

  • There's a concept in my manifesto called Workout to help out as opposed to eat out to help out where actually it's trying to encourage people and subsidize people to go to the community and mental well being taken on by themselves.

  • People say, save our NHS imagine if people did daily training, watch what they ate and thought about smoking, drinking more, we would save the NHS probably 20% of its budget.

  • And yet the government doesn't do that.

  • And I always say, I have two young boys there, three or four years old.

  • They don't do what I say, they do what I do.

  • And so if we seen Sadiq khan, I don't know if he's broken a sweat in the last 10 years, Boris got Covid and got a personal trainer and that doesn't seem to have done anything for him.

  • So, again, they don't live it.

  • So if it's not in their DNA, why would you expect the citizens to do it?

  • I want to have it to be part of the daily life of londoners.

  • They're gonna see me training every day.

  • They're gonna see me bringing people into City hall that at the top of this field, not just uh, you know, the physical health of the mental and mental health as well.

  • And that's why my special adviser on health and well being is Nick Whitcomb, who stood up in Merseyside against the police trying to shut his chin down and uh, he's going to be down here is one of our advocates.

  • So it's so important.

  • Um, it's something that just not talked about enough in this country, but we need to make sure that people are rewarded for taking their health into their own hands and not waiting until they're 70 year old going to the NHS the saying, guess what?

  • I've got £2 million of problems that I created because I never had the information, I think it's supporting the right information going out there and give them the incentive of fiscal and I'm gonna show him, I mean, I had a reporter from the Times the other day, he was joking about my biceps and he was saying, are you gonna build a gym and city hall?

  • And I said, okay, that's kind of funny.

  • But I said, but we have to see a mayor that's actually being proactive and then the citizens will follow, the Children will follow.

  • And again, I'm not gonna stick up pull up bar in a park.

  • I'm talking about being proactive in our community centers, help, wellbeing, yoga dance, all of these things, martial arts being promoted throughout our community center.

  • So it's a big deal for me as you know, and it's a great question.

  • And the problem is, is that if we don't do this, no one else is going to current mayor, the two party system is not motivated to innovate.

  • They're never going to.

  • It's just the same old, same old.

  • And so I worry about, I think that's a key message of some breaking news come to you as you said, because I think those conflicts and that's what we want.

  • We want inspiration just won the best ideas.

  • So yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • And it's a great final point you make.

  • I mean they set up this two party system.

  • It's almost like we watch a show, it's like a football match every four years.

  • You get this illusion of choice of the winter.

  • But nothing changes really.

  • It's almost the same policies.

  • So you need an independent voice like us to come in there and just shake it all up and said, well, why are we doing these things?

  • And that's why we're excited.

  • That's why we want to change the future.

  • And great question.

  • Because we assume it's kind of a satisfactory for conflict.

  • Because really we all agree on the things we want better air pollution, better air quality.

  • We want to help us, we can be we want opportunities to start businesses, We all agree on that.

  • So I really need to bring that unity together.

  • Because I spoke a lot more senior people to create this document.

  • Like I said, Members of the House of Lords, Metropolitan Police, TFL Architect, scientists, Doctors.

  • They all said The reason these ideas aren't being implemented is because of politics.

  • I said the current mayor is not doing this because he's worried about his next job.

  • The other guys are not doing this because they're worried about bargaining behind the scenes.

  • That's why they all want to work with me.

  • Because they say you're independent, you're actually going to do it.

  • So, I agree with you.

  • And on May six, We're gonna create the biggest upset in British political history.

  • We're gonna change this all up and shake this up.

  • So, thank you for the question.

  • Thank you all out there.

  • Let's do this on May six.

  • All right.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm.


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