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  • - This is called "A Manifesto for the Future."

  • We're gonna rebuild London's economy.

  • (toddler squeals)

  • Yeah, we're gonna put 10,000 new police officers

  • on the street,

  • we're gonna abolish the Congestion Charge until 2022,

  • and we're gonna build 50,000 new homes by Christmas.

  • Look at this, look at what we're gonna do.

  • Look at the police officers we're gonna put on the street

  • - Wait, wait! (speaks gibberish)

  • - Look at the knife statue we're going to build

  • when we have a knife amnesty.

  • Look at the 50,000 homes were gonna build.

  • Look at this.

  • Do you like it Cayden?

  • - Oh, that you!

  • - That's Papa.

  • Yeah, there we are.

  • That's Papa.

  • We're going to run TFL like a business

  • and look what we're going to do.

  • We're going to make digital first as well.

  • Everyone gets internet and we say goodbye to the LTNs.

  • Yeah?

  • Do you like it Cayden?

  • Do you like it?

  • Do you like it?

  • Right?

  • Yeah we put a lot of work on this.

  • Papa worked for eight months on this.

  • Yeah. You see the digital.

  • Cayden. Do you see that, Cayden?

  • And this protects our freedoms

  • and this is papa's final thoughts.

  • - That the end?

  • - Yeah, that's it.

  • The end.

- This is called "A Manifesto for the Future."

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    Summer posted on 2021/04/14
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