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  • Mhm.

  • Alright, I'm here with the man who makes these beautiful suits.

  • This is john Kent.

  • We're here at Kent haste.

  • His amazing story here, john everybody asks, they don't ask about my policies.

  • They ask about my suit.

  • That's because of the suits, suits are as good as your policy is.

  • Actually what I hope not the other way around.

  • It's a privilege to make for this man.

  • All I can say is he's one of the most genuine guy I've ever met.

  • And I mean that not because he has, so you don't have to alter another one, but he really is.

  • You got to stick with him.

  • I mean that you've got to stick with him.

  • We've got to get this town back As a wonderful town that he was just getting back and this is the guy that can do it.

  • I'm not kidding.

  • And that's when the heart, I mean that as well.

  • Thank you, John, I appreciate that.

  • These suits are amazing.

  • You're amazing.

  • We gotta look out for craftsman like you, you've been doing this for 60 some years and for some of the greats as well.

  • And I know you're paying tribute to one of the greats as well and just appreciate everything for a long time side dies.

  • But great man, great man, right.

  • You have a real warrant from this man certainly do and he only gives out a few and are one of the lucky ones.

  • If you remember one of the first fittings I had, I was with john, we were in the back room when he was in my suit.

  • He said, yeah, you might notice that thing on the wall and they don't give him any of those out.

  • And it was the, the royal warrant from Prince Philip and it was just amazing.

  • And that's a privilege song.

  • And it really is, I mean providing you do your job properly and just remember that you're a tailor proud of it.

  • Do your job.

  • You get on fine.

  • And we did fortunately assault to the earth.

  • This man, I appreciate you john we're gonna get London back to business please.

  • We're gonna get all this traffic back through here.

  • We will get back to work and get everything back on track.

  • Let's get back one of the greatest cities.

  • Let's get it back to the old days.

  • I don't like quoting that my son goes mad, but let's get it back to some sensibility, if that's a word.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • All right.

  • Let's do that.

  • There he is, john Kent can't haste.

  • I'm telling you this is the Master himself.

  • I want at least 100 more students, john great.

  • That's where I got it.

  • Right.

  • Great thing.

  • Alright, May six.

  • We'll see you at the polls.

  • Thanks so much.

  • Thank you.

  • I love you, man.

  • A great man here, enjoy those.

  • But don't forget anything you're not happy with.

  • I mean, that's silly, you know?

  • Okay.


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