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  • mhm.

  • Let's be honest.

  • The current mayor of London is a master at public relations.

  • He's a genius when it comes to press releases and photo opportunities.

  • He's always in the right place at the right time, taking the perfect picture with the perfect key worker.

  • And lately we see these pop up policies that come up conveniently one month before the election, where all of a sudden he cares about jobs when he hasn't for five years.

  • All of a sudden, he cares about our youth centers, which he hasn't for five years.

  • All of a sudden, he's got big ideas about drug reform, and all of a sudden he's got budget five million here, 20 million here, £30 million here.

  • And yet only six months ago, he had to defund the police and defund the fire brigade because he had run out of money.

  • This is a guy that spends a million pounds a year on his own P R team, and all of a sudden there's money to throw here and there and everywhere.

  • There's photo ops.

  • There's these brand new fresh ideas for his next term as mayor.

  • And guess what?

  • That people aren't as stupid as you think they are, Mr Mayor, they're smarter than that.

  • They see through your public relations barrage.

  • They see what really happens when you go out in public.

  • You have to hide inside coffee shops for an hour until your security force gets there, and then you literally run and hide when the citizens try to ask you hard questions about things like LTs and many of your other failures.

  • Here we are tired of a mayor who literally can't go out in public or he'll be heckled.

  • We need a mayor who stands and delivers.

  • We need a mayor who's actually trying to go out and engage with the public.

  • I was in Deptford on Friday, and I spoke to 25 members of the public over the course of an hour, asking the hard questions about my policies.

  • The mayor has been told by the Labour Party that he is no longer allowed to go out in public because he could quote unquote jeopardize the elections.

  • So he stays on the top floor of City Hall and he just issues these press releases and these photo ops.

  • It's amazing and again these pop up policies, but guess what?

  • Londoners are smarter than that.

  • We see through this politicking we see through this PR storm and we want to see real action, real policies, real character, real leadership.

  • And that's why when I go out on the streets, everyone comes up to me and says, Brian, we don't want any more of silicon.

  • We believe in you.

  • We see our policies, we sear you love London.

  • We see you care about London and we're gonna vote for you.

  • And on May six, I believe we will pull off the biggest political upset in British history.

  • And I look forward to meeting you out in the streets and talking to you about my policies.

  • And I'm just really excited for the next 30 days of campaigning.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Are you frustrated with the way the current mayor talks down to us with the way he looks down on us and doesn't believe that we can see through this public relations firestorm, let me know what you think.

  • Leave your comments below.

  • Thank you.


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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/07
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