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  • What is your life story?

  • Right.

  • Her story?

  • No, you're our life story.

  • No life.

  • What is your story?

  • Yeah, love story.

  • Uh, So I met Mariana on Old Bond Street in Mayfair.

  • When I went to buy a dress, That's what I went to do.

  • I went to buy a dress, and Mariana was working at Dolce and Gabbana, and she had a big smile and all this positive energy.

  • And, uh, that's how I met her in the store.

  • Um, and it took me six months to get the courage up to, uh, finally asked her out on a date.

  • Although she says she asked me out on the date.

  • I'm not sure.

  • And we had our first coffee and and And we met.

  • Yeah.

  • Is that right?

  • Yes.

  • Unusual circumstances, but yeah, we went in.

  • Oh, the way.

  • Yeah, the very first date.

  • I found out that Mariana was a single mother.

  • She had a daughter, uh, in London.

  • That was that was born here.

  • Um, you know, obviously Bulgarian and I never dated a woman with a child before, and so my first instinct was this is strange, but I'm still I'm still here, you know, And so I think I met Gabby, your daughter, A couple a couple dates later, and it soon became obvious to me that this was maybe a sign from the world to say, Guess what?

  • This is an amazing woman, an amazing young girl, and maybe they need you in their lives.

  • So it was.

  • It was It was a big transition for me, from the single guy to the to the father.

  • Now, you know, almost in a few months, yeah.

What is your life story?

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How We Met - Brian & Mariana Rose ❤️?BULGARIAN TV INTERVIEW

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