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  • if you hadn't got the news already.

  • We are back on the brand new digital battle bus and you can see already it's a different look.

  • Here's what it looks like from the outside.

  • It's a new me.

  • It's a it's a It's a new uh, look of London, and everyone seems to really love it.

  • We're driving around in it today for the first time ever.

  • And yeah, everyone's just blown away by the fact that we're out here in the streets engaging with the public.

  • No other candidate that is running for mayor dares to go out in the public and speak like I am because either they don't have the policies to back it up, or they're worried that someone's going to literally chased them down the street.

  • Which is what happened to our mayor recently.

  • He had to run and hide from his own voters.

  • Instead, we're out there actually engaging with members of the public because I think it's important as your next mayor for me to listen to you and for me to serve as well.

  • So that's what the bus looks like.

  • Also, things are super busy back at the headquarters.

  • We've got our volunteers that are really making a huge difference out there Passing out leaflets are on the phone with us.

  • If you want to join my team and be a volunteer, seriously, we could use you go to Brian from there dot London forward slash volunteers I've got people all over the world if you're in London, even better.

  • But we need support from everywhere.

  • I've got people in in Brazil.

  • I got people in Budapest.

  • I got people in Bangladesh all supporting Brian for mayor in London and we're really excited.

  • Next thing I want to tell you about is our very first edition of our own newspaper.

  • Here it is the London real carrier.

  • You can see it here in all its glory and I'll put a shot up on the screen here for you as well.

  • This is what it looks like.

  • And for those you can see it here.

  • This is our own newspaper that's going to be going through the mail slots of 250,000 Londoners this week.

  • And it's not the first edition.

  • You've got everything in here.

  • You got me going out in the community.

  • You even got your own sudoku right here so you can get in there and get busy with that thing.

  • We're super proud of this and all of the great messaging that we're putting out there, so definitely go grab your copy of that.

  • And like I said, these are going out to people all over London will have a couple more editions coming as well, and we're super excited.

  • And finally people say, Brian, how can I get a coffee cup?

  • How can I get one of those fancy booklets?

  • How can I get a T shirt?

  • It's super easy.

  • Go to Brian from London and just give a donation.

  • Whether it's £5 or £500 we can really use it.

  • It helps us print these leaflets up.

  • It helps us get the message out to the public, and I'll send you some free swag just to say thank you.

  • Also, you can order stickers at Brian from London forward slash stickers, and you can stick them wherever you want.

  • And finally, you can go and register for your postal vote literally.

  • You can vote for Brian for mayor right now.

  • Go to our website, brian farmer dot London forward slash postal and type in your name and your address, and we will email you a printed out version of the piece you can send to your local council.

  • Or, if you don't have a printer, will literally mail you with an envelope you can send to your counsel that form all you have to do is sign it and put your date of birth and you're ready to go.

  • You've locked your vote in and it would really mean a lot to us and we can make that change on May 6th, Yeah.

if you hadn't got the news already.

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NEW BUS, VOLUNTEERS & NEWSPAPER | Everyone's blown away with the fact that we are here - Brian Rose

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