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  • mhm.

  • Mhm.

  • Who on earth does Brian Rose think he is?

  • And there it is, the headline from the Times Today it's quite an article.

  • Uh, it kicks off by saying he's a boxing breakdancing former Wall Street banker from San Diego, and he wants to be the next mayor of London.

  • And here's a picture we took right in the studio here with my lovely wife.

  • Um, that's our She called it the House of cards post pose of seriousness.

  • And, of course, the captivity, says quote.

  • I overdosed from heroin and I stopped breathing.

  • So there it is, all the dirt, all the truth.

  • And look, it's actually not a bad article.

  • I want to thank Damien Whitworth, who wrote it.

  • He's a very seasoned journalist.

  • He definitely, uh, pushed me pretty hard in the interview, asking lots of hard questions.

  • Mariana was there, but we must have spoke for over an hour.

  • Um, they did a two hour photo shoot and boom outcomes this piece in the Times I highly recommend getting it.

  • You can see it online as well.

  • There's some better pictures and more pictures as well.

  • And, you know, look, no media is completely accurate, but it's, uh it catches a lot of the points of my journey.

  • And, um, I've always been really transparent with my story here at London real with my struggles with drug addiction, with my construction of the channel with my fighting censorship last year and with my audacious campaign this year.

  • And there's some funny moments in there, and I really appreciate the observations of our campaign.

  • Yes, it's over the top sometimes, and sometimes it's unintentionally maybe humorous to some people.

  • But this is how we do this.

  • Um, we're out there to get attention because I'm just so passionate about this race.

  • I'm so passionate about the city and our policies are just the best out there, and I just know we can change the city for the better.

  • So it was great to get this kind of press.

  • This is really powerful.

  • Um, you know, this is a big deal to be in the Times to really go through, and and they really talked about my journey ever.

  • Everything from growing up in San Diego to go into M.

  • I t.

  • To working on Wall Street to my struggles with alcohol and drugs to coming to London, rebuilding my life medium Mariana adopting her step daughter or her daughter, making her my stepdaughter, having sons, starting London, real fighting censorship and now planning to be the next mayor of London on May 6.

  • And so overall, Um, it's not a bad article, so go out and grab your copy.

  • The times we'll be putting this one up on the wall here at London Reel and again, we're moving forward.

  • We got 36 days left until this race is happening.

  • Four people stopped me in the supermarket and said, You're the next mayor of London.

  • A kid you're not a 12 year old kid said.

  • You're in the next mayor in it, your next mayor in it.

  • And yet the polls say we're not ranking.

  • It just doesn't make sense.

  • Everyone knows our campaign.

  • Everyone relates to our message.

  • We're about to pull up, pull off the biggest upset in political history on May 6, but we need everybody to help over the next five weeks.

  • Tell your friends, come out and see us.

  • Look at our policies, registered to vote, get the postal vote on and let's make happen.

  • Let's make history.

  • I'm so excited to finally take this city to great heights, and it's the least I can do for everything that's given me.

  • So there you go, the break dancing boxing, uh, former drug addict.

  • There he is, uh, in all his glory.

  • And again, thank you to the Times.

  • Overall, it's really it's not a bad piece.

  • I've seen a lot worse, and I appreciate the attention to detail.

  • And thank you, Damien.

  • So go check it out online or in print.

  • More to come.

  • Let's go, baby.

  • Next level Brian from here, okay?


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THE TIMES - “Who on Earth Does Brian Rose Think He Is?” #brianformayor

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