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  • mhm today I want to make a special announcement and that is the fact that we have formed a new political party called the London Real Party.

  • And this is an option for real people, for real Londoners that want real change.

  • If you're tired of this duopoly, this illusion of choice of the two party system, you can now join a party that talks seamlessly the talks transparently with the people about real issues and offers real solutions to these problems.

  • And just to go a bit further, we've decided to feel four members in the London General Assembly.

  • It all really comes down to local politics.

  • This isn't just about me becoming mayor.

  • This is about London real party making a massive difference in the daily lives of Londoners.

  • And we are super excited to announce this.

  • We want to be part of your local government, and with myself as mayor and my other party members, we can make real change in London.

  • So again very excited to announce this today.

  • It shows that what we're doing here is very different and you felt this from the beginning.

  • We are really bringing politics to the people we are transparent.

  • We are available.

  • I am in the streets.

  • I am in the parks to always speak, to listen to and serve the members of our community.

  • And we are super excited with the London Real Party.

  • I am super excited to become your next mayor of London on May 6.

  • And I'm super excited for my other party members to be part of the London Assembly and to take our policies to the next level.

  • I believe we can make London a world class city once again.

  • We're gonna build 50,000 new homes by Christmas.

  • 10,000 new police officers on the street.

  • Better trained police digitized police.

  • I'm also going to finally sort out our problem with our transportation system.

  • I'm gonna rethink L T M.

  • I'm gonna abolish the congestion charge until 2022 we're gonna kick off August with the Great Celebration, a 31 day event of street fairs and food festivals bringing 20 million people into London.

  • Imagine us announcing to the world that we are back, that we are ready to move forward.

  • And we are the city that is leading the planet when it comes to recovery, innovation and solutions.

  • I'm so excited.

  • I'm so excited for this party.

  • I'm so excited for the people I meet.

  • Everyone out there knows we're going to win on May 6.

  • Now we just need to make it a reality.

  • So again, super excited to announce this.

  • Please share this with your friends.

  • Click the link below.

  • If you want more information.

  • The London Real Party is here.

  • We are here to make a difference.

  • We are here to move London in a new direction with fresh ideas and independent perspective.

  • And again, enough with the old two party system.

  • They sign off on each other's failures.

  • We want real solutions to real innovation, and we're just excited.

  • So thank you very much.

  • Let's make this happen on May 6.

mhm today I want to make a special announcement and that is the fact that we have formed a new political party called the London Real Party.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/31
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