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  • I want to hear from you.

  • Now, please ask me a question.

  • I'm live here on these social platforms.

  • I'll be reading your questions out.

  • Live something no politician would dare do.

  • From our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to grant Shapps to Sadiq Khan.

  • They would never live stream first of all with you and they would never read out.

  • Your questions live because they're in the politics business.

  • I'm in the solutions business.

  • I'm in the serving you business, so I'll be reading out your questions and answer me these questions.

  • First of all, tell me what borough you live in or what city you live in.

  • What's your biggest challenge?

  • What question would you like to ask me?

  • Especially when I come see you next week on the digital battle bus Second, tell me, how have you been impacted financially by the pandemic?

  • And do we need to rebuild London's economy right now?

  • Third, the mayor just recorded two more knife crime murders just days ago.

  • Is it time that we replaced him with someone who will make London safe?

  • Someone who will put 10,000 new police officers on the street and someone who will better train and digitize the answer that question.

  • Next, ask me this or type in here.

  • What question Would you like to ask the mayor of London if he didn't run and hide, run away and hide from you, which is what he did this week?

  • I'll be sharing a few more details about that.

  • Finally, do you think we need to abolish the congestion charge and rethink LTs?

  • Run the TfL at a profit?

  • And finally, do we need an independent voice, fresh ideas and new leadership to take London in a new direction?

  • So type in your questions.

  • I'll be going to him shortly.

  • But right now I want to talk about my plans as your next mayor of London.

  • I've got big plans for the future, and it's all about rebuilding London in 2021.

  • I want to innovate and you can see this is what I'm gonna do is Mayor.

  • My plans is to innovate, and I believe that with my plans for the future, London can be one of the first cities to come back safely to get back to work, and I think it could be our greatest year ever.

  • But if we don't do that if we're not proactive, if we don't have a business person in charge, A scheduled to end lockdown does not mean we're going to rebuild our economy.

  • And with the current mayor in charge, I see years, if not decades of austerity, of failures and, uh, really, uh, London, where it is now, which is one of the worst performing economies in Europe.

  • What I wanna do is this.

  • I don't want to abolish the congestion charge until 2022.

  • That means we're going to get as much foot traffic in the city as possible.

  • It's going to kick start our businesses.

  • It's going to kick start our theater, our culture, our arts.

  • We're going to find innovative, safe ways of getting our office workers back in the buildings at least 25%.

  • We are going to make London a world class city once again, and it starts by finding any way to get people back into this great city.

  • People love to visit London.

  • We just have to give them a reason to, and that's why we're going to abolish the congestion charge to get as much foot traffic here as possible.

  • The second thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to zero out business rates.

  • You cannot ask entrepreneurs to barely keep a business alive when you're trying to tax them at the same time.

  • Look, I took economics when I studied at M I t back in the nineties from some of the greatest professors, some of them Nobel Prize winning professors.

  • But it doesn't take an expert in economics to know you can't tax a business when it's barely surviving.

  • We need to zero out the rates.

  • I have a lot of friends, and I've had people on this show.

  • Founders of Pizza Express, founders of Yasushi.

  • I've had people in the hospitality sector, people in the tourism sector, people in the culture sector.

  • And they all say, Brian, we need a mayor that's going to work with us, a mayor that's going to help us create solutions and a mayor that's also going to allow us to do business.

  • Please zero out these business rates.

  • That's the only chance we stand, and that's my plan of what we're going to do As soon as I am elected on May 6, that's going to kickstart our growth and we are literally going to monopolize all of the European city tourism business this summer.

  • Watch it.

  • It's going to happen.

  • And it all comes by looking at London through a business lens.

  • Where was it?

  • Not my words.

  • Yeah.

  • Wow.

  • Still more Western.

  • Mhm.

I want to hear from you.

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I'M IN THE SOLUTIONS BUSINESS | We Need A Mayor Who Is Going To Help Find Solutions - Brian Rose

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