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  • hey guys good morning today  i'm in yamagata prefecture  

  • in shonai town which is pretty close to the  coast on the japan seaside of northern japan  

  • this has actually become one of my favorite spots  in northern japan this year i've been out here a  

  • couple times to visit my friend natsuki who is  from this area and i just fell in love with it  

  • it's so gorgeous today i'm actually joiningcycling tour of the area we're going to cycle  

  • through the countryside and make some stops  at different sightseeing spots along the way  

  • and basically just get to know the area a little  more we're starting off somewhere where i'm going  

  • to make a present for my grandma actually so let's  go do that after the meiji restoration in the late  

  • 1800s the samurai of the shonai area had to give  up their sword fighting days and find a new way  

  • to live the two major exports at the time were  raw silk and tea so they decided to transform  

  • the shonai area into what has now become one of  the most famous silk producers in all of japan

  • so i have to choose a color now and it's really  hard if you only use the natural sakura color  

  • this is what you will end up with golden yellowy  color but if you add some other dyes to it you can  

  • kind of make it more slightly on the pink  side which i think my grandma would like

  • we're all finished i really hope my  grandma likes it it's a pretty pink color  

  • which she wears a lot so i think it's perfect all  right now for the best part we're picking up our  

  • bikes these are electric bikes that we're using  today i absolutely love these if you get kind  

  • of tired riding throughout the day you just  turn the electric boost on and it's super easy  

  • honestly joining a cycling trip for the day  is not only the perfect way to experience  

  • the japanese countryside it's also a really great  way to meet new people and make some new friends  

  • our next stop is hanabusa soy sauce brewery which  was founded in 1823 and has been passed down for  

  • 15 generations what makes this brewery  so special is how committed they are to  

  • continuing the traditional manufacturing methods  ramen restaurants in the area proudly display  

  • made with hanabusa soy sauce on their  shop signs as it's known for being  

  • especially delicious it's over 100 years old  it's really cool it's so different than the  

  • other soy sauce factories i've been to so  yeah we're gonna get a little tour of the  

  • place and then we're gonna do some tasting and  i can't wait because it smells amazing in here

  • okay so the first thing we're going to try is  this konyaku that's been stewed in soy sauce

  • we're about to eat the famous  

  • they're dried and this is my favorite  way to eat them because they become so

  • sweet

  • that was delicious everything was so good and  i'm definitely going to come back here and buy  

  • a bottle of soy sauce because i don't want to go  back to using my usual soy sauce this is so much  

  • better ah she's going to give me some hoshigaki to  hang up on my porch and dry them myself in morioka

  • all right next stop is lunch i'm getting  hungry after all this bike riding

  • it looks so good i love hummus and it doesn't  really exist in japan except for when you go  

  • to like specialty cafes we're gonna eat this  super quick that was one of the best meals  

  • i've had in japan actually that was amazing the  vegetables tasted so fresh i'm really excited  

  • about that i feel good and healthy now and  we're about to cycle for seven kilometers so

  • checkout

  • so this is so koji temple it's so nice it feels  so refreshing because it's in the shade and  

  • it's just surrounded by streams little fountains  it's beautiful here i've never been here before  

  • we're gonna have a little tea break here have  some matcha and uh we're going to do a buddhist  

  • meditation activity called shakyo you guys will  see a little bit more about that when we do it

  • so today we are trying out the mindful  tracing of the buddhist sutras using  

  • a calligraphy pen originally started as a way of  spreading the teachings of buddha nowadays shakyo  

  • is practiced as a way of relaxing and purifying  oneself both mentally and physically regardless  

  • of your beliefs many buddhist temples in japan  offer this experience for their visitors all  

  • right it's much a time i've been looking forward  to this i love matcha so much and the view of this  

  • garden is just perfect i couldn't ask for anything  else and they've given us these cute little sweets  

  • to eat along with the teeth i've never had these  before i think they're like a powdered sugar

  • yeah they're like a powdered sugar  candy that balances out the bitterness  

  • of the green tea and a really good combination

  • that was so nice and relaxingreally recommend dropping into  

  • a buddhist temple if there's one in the area  that you're visiting you can just pop in have  

  • some matcha enjoy the beautiful views in their  gardens it's really common for them to have  

  • little activities like that that you can enjoy  here we're off to watch a maiko performance now  

  • which i've actually never seen before so back  during the edo period sakata city this area  

  • here was a famous shipping port so because of that  they had a really thriving entertainment industry  

  • including geisha and maiko performances and some  of those establishments are still around today  

  • and that's where we're going now we're going toplace called somaro and we're going to see a maiko

  • performance

  • foreign

  • and that concludes our tour  for the day that was so cool  

  • to see the micro performance i'd never seen  one before and i expected it to be more  

  • subtle but apparently the style of dance that  they use up here in sakata is a little more lively  

  • and yeah it was amazing it was really beautiful  to watch their singing was just like i was blown  

  • away by that if you guys are interested  in doing a similar bike tour to what i did  

  • today i'll have the information down below in  the description box so please do check it out  

  • thanks so much for watching guys i hope  you enjoyed and i'll see you again very

  • soon

  • you

hey guys good morning today  i'm in yamagata prefecture  

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