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  • Sadiq Khan and his pledge yesterday on how he plans to get your vote on May 6.

  • And again, this was his big announcement on his plans to lead London through our worst recession in 300 years.

  • And he said it was all about jobs, jobs, jobs and honestly, I burst out laughing when I heard Sadiq Khan talk about jobs, jobs, jobs because this is a man who has done nothing to help business, who has done nothing to help the workers of London who's done nothing to help entrepreneurs.

  • In the past year, when we have struggled here, when we have looked for solutions and innovations, all this man does is lock things down.

  • He blames Boris Johnson, and he asks for billions and billions of pounds in bailouts.

  • So for me, it was yet another example of his duplicity to come out yesterday and say jobs are now important to him when this is the guy that has been ruining businesses left and right with his behavior as mayor for the past year and let's look at the bigger picture.

  • First of all, because the UK is facing the worst economic crisis in recent memory and Here's a graph where you can see that the UK borrowing is now at its highest rate since the Second World War.

  • Look at that graph.

  • We are in a dire situation right now and let's be honest with ourselves.

  • The country now is facing its worst economic crisis in living memory.

  • It's getting very, very bad.

  • We're seeing that the total spending on the country's pandemic support now has now reached £344 billion and jobless totals totals are now reaching frightening levels and the U.

  • K unemployment now has now hit a five year high of 5.1%.

  • But that doesn't tell the real story.

  • The real story is what's going on in London because London's numbers are much, much, much worse than you can see.

  • This article here that was featured in on London's recently and it confirmed what I'm saying here, it says London's unemployment rate is the UK's highest, and when you actually drill into those numbers, they're even more shocking now.

  • Unemployment in the UK is currently 5.1% but the rate in London just recently reached 6.5%.

  • That's significantly higher and if you drill down even further, you find out this shocking stat.

  • 885,000 Londoners that's close to 10% of the capital's population currently rely on government support right now just to survive.

  • So those 10% of the people aren't even included in the jobless rate right now, if you stack that on top of the 6.5% you can see the dire situation that we're in right now.

  • And here's another headline, this one from City AM, and it tells you the truth and this is what it is.

  • London unemployment rate largest seen in a generation right now, and we are seeing that this is a very dire time in our economic situation and the London Assemblies.

  • Economic Committee chair Leonie Cooper said it and said it very well recently.

  • And I'll quote, quote.

  • Today's figures showing current unemployment levels in London are shocking, and that's true, goes on to say thousands of Londoners are now unemployed.

  • We must always remember the people and families behind these numbers.

  • Each and everyone face struggle.

  • As the leader of London, the mayor must work with government on behalf of Londoners to develop a plan to support those who are suffering financially due to the pandemic, and he is clearly not the Labour mayor.

  • His only solution now is his recent announcement of jobs, jobs, jobs.

  • And yet look at the headline.

  • You can see this on screen right now.

  • Recently from The Evening Standard, Sadiq Khan reveals his biggest ever hike in tax share.

  • That's a 10% increase in council rates.

  • And if we look at the Labour Mayors history, he has no solutions to these problems.

  • And if we look at what he's done over the past couple of years, uh, it's not much when it comes to create jobs.

  • I think it was a couple years ago he created something called the Quote Workforce Integration Network Design Labs.

  • This was one of his job schemes that created a total of zero new jobs, and instead of him saying jobs, jobs, jobs, I think the mayor probably should have come out and say, My plan is committees, committees, committees because that's what he seems to have done over his five years when it comes to try to kick start this economy.

  • But I see it more of him saying lies lies lies because that's all we see when it comes to his his record on economics when it comes to his record on crime, when it comes to his record on building houses, where it comes to his record on transport, we see a mayor who is incapable of kick starting the economy of this city.

  • And again, why would we expect a man who's never run a business in his life, who spent 18 years as a civil servant whose plan is to get another job in politics who has never made a business deal in his life?

  • He's probably never been to a board meeting in his life.

  • Um, and I don't think he fundamentally understands business.

  • I don't think he even likes business.

  • Why would we expect this man to be able to be in charge of rebuilding London's economy at its worst phase since the Second World War?

  • What we need is a business person in charge.

  • We need someone with industry experience.

  • I have that 30 years of industry experience.

  • Like I said, Automotive, Aerospace, Wall Street, city of London.

  • I know how to be proactive when it comes to business, and I'm going to share with you my ideas about how we can rebuild London safely and quickly and make London what I'm calling the center of the world.

  • I mean, this this year, I think potentially could be one of our greatest years ever.

  • While we show the rest of Europe that we are the preferred destination for business, For travel, for everything.

  • Not my wife.

  • Yeah.

  • Wow.

  • Still more work.

  • Mhm.

Sadiq Khan and his pledge yesterday on how he plans to get your vote on May 6.

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