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hey guys welcome to the rumen report i'm dave rubin
we are doing a one on one this week we have a guy who needs no introduction
and truly a living legend about that intro
dead legit better than a dead leg in larry king welcome to the room in
reporting your name
great to be with you always have love having you on my show and scraped to
return the compliment I appreciate that actually the first time I was on your
show I am sweating
bit when we did that Republican National Convention and you told
that you told me I was sweating more than albert brooks in broadcast news
which is
truly one of the greatest moment in my career broadcast news is one bit
all-time great
movies I think great great movie about the media
well for everything we do right and for me especially because
I saw that movie two weeks after quintuple bypass surgery well
and i sat next to Mike Wallace arisen Diane so the whole
the whole in crowded New York in my surgery was in New York
so we all attended that film in everybody loved
yeah I will you know let's start with a little bit about the media so you have
been around the media for basically your whole life in at least 57 years
57 years but who's counting what what do you think you're the biggest changes
in the way the media landscape as you know you're you're doing an online show
we're doing some major changes one technical
in that when I started there was a radio and television
landlines and telephone lines and then came satellites and now we have
internet not long ago technological and has been incredible
and that has led to five hundred channels in anything goes in
you know when jackie gleason went off the air
he have $13.3 million viewers there was no show the
that approach is $20 million viewers so the
the pie is cut up in many many slices
and we all have a little piece a slice piece a pyro so when I left
CNN I thought I could retire then along came Carlos lemon
the internet now I'm on the internet every day who knows
who knows what's next the delivery system now
the basic hasn't changed this one-on-one
has not changed we still need the human being
it has bad hasn't changed the method of delivery
has changed are we losing something with the one-on-one I mean really what your
trademark is this what we're doing right now
we don't get that in a way that we use noon sadly enough because it's a
is spirit heated up speed about Gordon actually
no course there's up grab some jump on it stay
bang it out but men go was over it was next and love it leads to
I'm some %uh vid is up sir d- I miss in-depth interviews you don't see much
in that
anymore on on cable television on you know it's going away everywhere
said do you think it's just a function of technology or is there actually
something else go is there something about
humans and the way we're evolving under no babies but Youmans or or about
management or about the people running networks now or will call
suits mmm they didn't go up to broadcast their captains
they're up to that pushes you know they're big big world what this works
that does or keep business there's a war going on
classic example was it mile network CNN which is
I'm I loved every day on my twenty five and a half years there
I did a lot for them they did a lot for me it was a great career ted turner was
the best person I've worked for
work I didn't speak to to this bigoted recently but if he saw was going on now
for example the airplane yet with let's go another example
then covered that 24 hours a day they missed
in you had the russians going into Ukraine
the other day in one day i watch the show on C after the show but
they never mention other news was airplay yeah
and and the airplane was all conjecture we think it landed here we might have
gone he would be
since day to day man that advanced nothing in that story
but conjecture it was breaking the supposition
breaking the speculation was never breaking news
so if you were there now I don't know what the hell with that but he
all item II love insisted the two other things %uh they were said we got a
tremendous audience
then well the network I would've gone or I with there's nothing I could do was to
break it
I would have tried heard for example the other day
while CNN and some other cable news networks I'm sure we're doing
airplane coast to coast wire to wire
10 people in Washington
yup were killed in a mudslide they would three Americans on a plane
10 Americans died in a mudslide in washington no coverage
the g8 conference in Russia was cancelled
reschedule for Belgium with Russia left out
no mention an enormous
enormous occurrence in Houston up an oil slick
that described hundreds and hundreds of miles
water not covered the president of the united states
is in the Netherlands he's talking to china
about trying to get China to at least a neutral in the russian situation
no coverage yet know that is abysmal
so who do we blame for this because I I'm with you everybody Matt Mills this
but it is a matter above readings bridges ladies purses logic
yeah so why did so we hear about it but the and the reason that that doesn't
work is
or you get super ratings and you think advertisers don't know
that these ratings are based on the hyped up there okay
to what happens after the incident is over whenever dance and you gotta decide
when this and when is a public lose interest
when you go back to your the program missing down again the advertising gonna
buy it for the next six months
based on that too with jump because they don't know what it was like
buying I'm gonna buy CBS I wanna buy
NBC per year because boy the Super Bowl did great
I rests on sobel the great I've been to buy NBC next tuesday
a normal person has nothing to do with the other but thats
let's think and it's it's said to be
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Larry King Talks CNN, Plane Coverage and What's Next For New Media

1295 Folder Collection
Chian Hsieh published on August 3, 2014
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