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  • mhm.

  • Sadiq Khan lied to us.

  • The current mayor of London promised US affordable homes.

  • He promised that Londoners could rent or buy a house in their city.

  • He promised us a place to raise our families, but he lied.

  • When Sadiq Khan took office, he pledged to build 80,000 new homes per year.

  • That's 400,000 new homes over his five year term.

  • But how many is he delivered?

  • You were the guy that when you've got a point in 2016, you were going to sort this, and it seems to be getting worse.

  • So when you make more promises now, why should I believe you?

  • Last year, only 1600 homes were built, just 1600.

  • Sadiq Khan lied to us.

  • And since 2016, only 34,000 homes have even been started in the entire city of nine million people, and only 12,000 homes have actually been completed 12,000 homes.

  • That's only 3% of what he promised.

  • Sadiq Khan.

  • Lie to us.

  • You are passing the buck, as you always do to central government.

  • Do you personally, though, accept any responsibility, or is it all everybody else's fault in 2018, he received £5 billion from the government to build 100 16,000 new homes.

  • And yet, two years later, they are nowhere to be found.

  • Where did that money go?

  • Sadiq Khan lied to us.

  • How can we believe anything?

  • He says.

  • Londoners deserve better.

  • We deserve a city where we can afford to live.

  • We deserve a city where we can provide for our families.

  • We deserve a city where our elected officials deliver affordable housing.

  • To do this, we need real leadership.

  • We need to stop talking and start building Now.

  • We need a mayor, keeps his promises.

  • We need a mayor who can hold people accountable.

  • We need a mayor who is financially responsible.

  • My name is Brian Rose, and I promise to put housing first and give all Londoners a chance to rent or buy their own homes as your next mayor, I will make London a world class city once again.


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