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  • A few people have tried it but nobody has ever managed

  • to get anywhere close to where we got like today.

  • You have to believe you can do these things.

  • It's not like impossible.

  • There's been a few people that have been like sort of following us.

  • It's me, my boots, and I.

  • We are gonna make it.

  • I definitely think it's gonna be the next big thing.

  • Liquid Mountaineering is actually Ulf's brainchild.

  • It's a new sport. It was not existing before.

  • You have to run very fast on the water.

  • I mean, obviously the first step is the most important one.

  • then we will like discover, oh my god, Jesus,

  • We're going one step, we're going two steps, we're going three steps.

  • We're discovering it as we go along.

  • While we still on land, we try to get up really speed.

  • Soon we touch the water, we try to get like a sewing machine.

  • It's not straight into the water you know,

  • in a curve, in a slight curve

  • and by that bend you actually not allowing yourself to sink into the water.

  • And you wanna keep that skimming sensation going as long as you can.

  • Bonjour!

  • What gets us extra steps are these shoes

  • The original equipment we first all started

  • was the equipment that would help repel water

  • We found some shoes by mistake actually.

  • Totally water repellent

  • It works like water off a duck's back.

  • It takes actually a lot of practice and a lot of focus.

  • I think if you don't actually believe you gonna walk on that water,

  • it's not gonna happen for you.

  • Go, go, go, go, go!

  • We've been working on a jet ski system

  • obviously that pulls us into the water with a bit more speed.

  • Be with yourself. Believe in it!

  • It's not about miracle. It's justgo for it!”

  • Try to do it. If you fall down,

  • try again.

  • People want you to think in a certain way and

  • this sport actually allows you to push your horizons further.

  • It's not boxing you in and saying

  • that's what you are!”

  • You just like you're moving possible.

A few people have tried it but nobody has ever managed

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Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering)

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