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  • and I think what we see here is what I might call the tale of two mayors.

  • You've got one who runs and hides and one who wants to stand there and engage with the voters.

  • And I believe the job of mayor is to do two things.

  • It's to listen and to serve.

  • That's it.

  • Listen to the citizens and serve the citizens, and you can see our current mayor.

  • He has two other jobs to run and to hide.

  • And so on May 6, you have a choice of who you want to be your next mayor of London, someone who listens and serves, or someone who runs and hides.

  • And this is what you need to decide.

  • The rumor over at Labour Party headquarters right now is that Sadiq Khan is no longer allowed to go out in public until May 6 because it would quote unquote jeopardize the election.

  • And so now you see me, who will be going out to every single borough in London?

  • I'll be logging probably another 3 to 5000 miles on my digital battle bus, coming to see as many people in London as possible.

  • I want to talk to you in a covid secure manner.

  • I want to listen to your issues.

  • And I'm gonna be out there on the pavement versus the current mayor of London who is literally being forced to hide in his office because he can't afford another PR disaster like you saw yesterday.

  • Because he can't step foot on the pavement of London without being yelled at and run after by angry citizens of London.

  • And this is only one issue low traffic neighborhoods.

  • What if he bumped into someone who had an issue with his shocking record on knife crime?

  • What about someone who was frustrated with the congestion?

  • Charge?

  • Increase?

  • What about someone who has been waiting for an affordable home for five years?

  • Mr.

  • Mayor, where are your affordable homes?

  • And what about someone who is waiting for the economy to be kick started waiting for a plan to rebuild the economy?

  • Any number of those people would have acted the same way yesterday.

  • They would have been frustrated, and your mayor would have run and hide.

  • And that's what his plan is.

  • And that's probably what his plan is for the next three years.

  • If you decide to vote for him on May 6.

  • And let's be clear on May 6, you have the opportunity to fire Sidique Khan.

  • That's your choice.

  • On May 6, you have the Democratic right to vote.

  • And now you know the candidates.

  • You have me.

  • You have Sadiq Khan.

  • You make that choice.

  • But you have to live with that for three years and again.

  • Good luck trying to get an answer for three years.

  • You might be doing a lot of running at that point.

  • If you want some accountability on my word.

  • Yeah, my mom.

  • Why don't you?

  • For my wife?

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

and I think what we see here is what I might call the tale of two mayors.

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TALE OF TWO MAYOR | I believe the job of Mayor is to listen and to serve - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/26
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