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  • Sadiq Khan lied to us.

  • He promised us better air quality in our neighborhoods.

  • He promised us less traffic.

  • He promised to give our streets back to the people.

  • He promised to improve our environment.

  • Instead, his low traffic neighborhood scheme is ruining our city.

  • Sadiq Khan lied to us.

  • But so called low traffic neighborhoods which involved bollards and planters blocking off roads, have led to protests and petitions, with 200 of them now underway across London.

  • Some say they are causing more congestion.

  • Sadiq Khan lied to us.

  • His low traffic neighborhoods prevent people from visiting their families and caring for their loved ones.

  • He stops people from attending work and keeping important medical appointments.

  • He is bankrupting businesses and ruining local economies because of the lack of football.

  • He prohibits our emergency services from saving lives and prevents disabled people from access to their homes.

  • Absolutely everyone standing right and the government funded that scheme.

  • They paid the money to even council to implement.

  • There's many people that you're the same as me.

  • We had an ambulance whilst this scheme was that the man had a heart attack all over the news, okay?

  • And they couldn't reach him in time because the local council thing government and that's where the funding is coming back to these places don't absolutely correct.

  • LTs actually cause more traffic problems.

  • Increasing emissions by up to 300% as the mayor generates millions of pounds of income from fines given to residents in Ealing, Lambeth, Hackney, Islington and Field and more.

  • Sadiq Khan lied to us.

  • The current mayor is using his low traffic neighborhood scheme to extract money from hardworking citizens to save his bankrupt transportation system.

  • You are passing the buck, as you always do to central government.

  • Do you personally, though, accept any responsibility?

  • Or is it all everybody else's fault?

  • His L TN finds punished lower income families charging an outrageous £130 per offense during this challenging recession journey Times increasing by 77%.

  • It is obvious that LTs are failing the communities they are supposed to serve.

  • The High Court recently ruled that silicon took advantage of the pandemic to push through these radical changes with no consultation with the residents.

  • Sadiq Khan lied to us.

  • Londoners deserve better.

  • We deserve a mayor who cares about our residents, Business owners disabled and emergency services.

  • We deserve a mayor who doesn't tax our citizens to repay debts from his own financial failures.

  • We deserve a mayor who doesn't break the law but instead consults with local residents and stakeholders about important policy changes.

  • To do this, we need real leadership.

  • We need someone who can run our transportation system like a business.

  • We need someone who is financially responsible and who can hold people accountable.

  • My name is Brian Rose and I plan to put transportation first as your next mayor.

  • I will make London a world class city once again.

  • Yeah, mhm.

Sadiq Khan lied to us.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/25
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