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  • I want to tell you that we've been actually in the mainstream media a lot, So this is basically a two person race.

  • At this point, it's us against Sidique Khan.

  • And on May 6, you can make the choice of who you want to run this city for the next three years and you'll see some of the headlines that we've had recently.

  • This is something from the Evening Standard, and it was talking about how small political parties like us are being squeezed out by a lot of these covid canvassing rules.

  • And as I said when we were stopped by the city of London police, it felt very political.

  • And I feel as if the mayor is trying to box us out of campaigning because he knows that we are a threat to him because we come with the best ideas.

  • We come with an independent voice, and we are so transparent, like I am with you right now like I am with you when I'm traveling to every single borough of London.

  • Another headline for you.

  • This came from the Express and this is me commenting again, how the mayor seems to want to stop us from campaigning.

  • Stop from me getting you the message and it says quote from me when I said it stinks and of course I it says Sadiq Khan attacked after London mayor candidate.

  • That's me.

  • Find over a lockdown breach again.

  • This is the mayor trying to stop us from campaigning.

  • But you can see a picture of me out there with our digital battle bus doing that anyways.

  • And we're taking this bus and continuing to go out there next.

  • I want to show with you a video I share with you a video of a similar occurrence with what happened with the mayor yesterday.

  • Except I did something that the mayor didn't do.

  • I decided to listen.

  • That's what I did.

  • I wanted to hear what was frustrating these people in Ealing, and it was all about low traffic neighborhoods.

  • And I'm gonna play you this video shortly, and it's from a man named Adam.

  • Now Adam heard that I was in the healing neighborhood and he walked.

  • I think 30 minutes because he was so frustrated with these low traffic neighborhoods and no one had come to listen to their concerns in a year.

  • And he walked up to me, and you can see how visibly angry he is.

  • And at first I said, Adam, I'm not the mayor yet, So I wasn't responsible for these ridiculous policies.

  • He said, I know, Brian, I'm not angry with you.

  • I'm angry with the situation.

  • And then I sat there and I listened to Mark, I think, for about 45 minutes, and almost every single resident chimed in because they were frustrated.

  • But even though I'm not the mayor yet, my job is to listen and to listen to your frustrations and to take all that information and try to make better policies.

  • And so here is me listening to Adam from feeling talk about his frustrations with the low traffic neighborhoods.

  • I think this is the conversation Mayor Sadiq Khan could have had if he had found any value in listening to the people that are going to vote for him.

  • So here's Adam from Ealing.

  • Absolutely everyone, the main and the government that they paid the money to counsel.

  • There's many people that feel the same as we had an ambulance whilst this scheme was up and a man all over the news, okay, and they couldn't reach him in time because the ambulance didn't keep.

  • This isn't a local council thing government, and that's where it says those fundings comes out to these places.

  • I'm almost trying to hold my Yeah, can I?

  • First of all, I really want to thank Adam for going out of his way to coming over and voicing his opinions.

  • He was obviously very frustrated, and you probably couldn't see about 20 residents off camera who also voiced their own issues and concerns all surrounding the low traffic neighborhoods and the fact that they were never consulted with The mayor made these decisions without actually finding out how much they were hurting people, generating millions of pounds of fines from residents when they can't afford to pay them again.

  • Stopping ambulances from traveling in these neighborhoods, ruining businesses because of the lack of football, increasing emissions, increasing traffic.

  • And you can see that frustration from Adam and you can see how I listen to him.

  • Wow, Mark my words.

  • Yeah, my mom.

  • Wow for more work.

I want to tell you that we've been actually in the mainstream media a lot, So this is basically a two person race.

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IT'S US AGAINST THEM | The mayor is boxing us out because he knows we are a threat - Brian Rose

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