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  • -A lot of great movies.

  • I was gonna say before, the new movies

  • "Cruella" and "Black Widow" will premiere on Disney+

  • for an additional fee of $29.99 each.

  • That sounds like a lot of money for one movie,

  • but it might not be that much more expensive

  • than seeing a movie in theaters.

  • Here, let me break it down for you.

  • First, you got to get two tickets -- right? --

  • to the movie.

  • That costs about $18.

  • Then you got to hire a babysitter.

  • -Right. -Yeah.

  • Then you get the babysitter some pizza and soda, of course.

  • -Yeah.

  • -Then, at that point, she might as well have some friends over.

  • -Right.

  • -It turns into a party. -Right.

  • -They trash your house, so you got to hire a cleaning crew.

  • -Right. -You know, maybe like a --

  • -Yeah.

  • -"Ray Donovan" type of deal or something.

  • A teen at the party named Skylar does a TikTok meme

  • called "Ride an ATV inside a house challenge."

  • So you got to buff the tire stains out of your couch.

  • -Right. -Yeah.

  • So, you come home and you bust the babysitter,

  • but she films you freaking out about the couch,

  • and you go viral.

  • So the Internet now dubs you "Screaming Dad."

  • You cash in by making some media appearances.

  • But with fame, you need security,

  • and the fastest thing you can do is hire a biker gang

  • called The Spicy Warlocks.

  • The Spicy Warlocks had to give up their biker hangout

  • because all their meetings are on Zoom now,

  • so their leader, X-Ray, needs a place to crash for a while.

  • So you offer your place, but there's no extra room,

  • so you have to add an extension to your house.

  • In the meantime, he's sleeping in your living room.

  • So you, the kids, and X-Ray get together to watch "Cruella,"

  • which costs 30 bucks.

  • But X-Ray said that he's already seen "Cruella."

  • He wants to watch "Black Widow."

  • So you have to rent both.

  • So when all is said and done,

  • you're left with -- drumroll, please...

  • [ Drumroll ]

  • ...negative-$71,158, but you've seen both movies,

  • and you have a biker living in your house.

  • So there you go. Hope that helps, everybody.

-A lot of great movies.

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Jimmy Breaks Down the Logic Behind Renting a $30 Movie | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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