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  • Yeah, So I was just informed that there will be a debate happening tonight on the BBC are state funded news organization that taxes the citizens in order to pay for its broadcasting.

  • And the debate is going to be for the candidates of the mayor for London election happening six weeks from tomorrow.

  • And it's been announced that there are only two people that are gonna be at this debate.

  • The current mayor of London and the conservative Challenger.

  • Only two people are going to be at this debate.

  • I was never contacted and invited to this debate, even though I am the second place candidate.

  • According to every single bookmaker and oddsmaker nationally and internationally, none of the other candidates, as far as I know, were invited to this debate.

  • And the BBC only promises one debate, one public debate that they're going to do for this office for mayor.

  • So what is going on?

  • This is a travesty.

  • This is ridiculous.

  • This is disrespectful.

  • This is undemocratic.

  • And you, the citizens of London and the UK have got to stick your hands up and put your foot down and say, enough is enough.

  • This two party system gives you this illusion of choice, but it is stacked against the independent and the little guy.

  • And I've been feeling this.

  • I was out yesterday speaking with citizens in the street, and every single one came up to me and said, Brian, we love your message.

  • How come you're being ignored by the mainstream media?

  • Why?

  • And it turns out that even legally, according to off com, that ridiculous regulator in this country they try to give basically 50% of the airtime to one party and 50% to the other party.

  • It's a duopoly, and they're running a game on you as the citizens of this country.

  • And what happens you pay for it in ridiculous running of this city.

  • You wonder why we have so many problems because you're never actually given a choice.

  • There's never actually independent candidates that can express ideas that you can choose on your giving the illusion of choice.

  • The labour candidate and the conservative candidate.

  • Why wouldn't they allow me to debate these guys?

  • Why wouldn't they invite me on so I can express my ideas?

  • Why wouldn't they do that?

  • Why wouldn't they have the other candidates on if you look at any other major election in the world, there's a slew of candidates on the stage, especially this early in the process, when it's anyone's game again.

  • We've been in second place right now, according to the bookmakers, and yet we're now ignored by the same national media that I pay my taxes to, uh, keep in business.

  • It's absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous, but it's endemic of the problem that I am facing right now.

  • I am forced to put my face on billboards all over the city.

  • I am forced to use digital media to get my message out there because the mainstream media is locked in to this, uh, this racket they have with this two party system.

  • And again they pretend to give you a choice.

  • And yet in the background they are colluding with this two party system that are effectively colluding with each other.

  • They sign off on each other's failure, and they give you the illusion of choice every four years.

  • What happens when they switch places, conservative and labour?

  • Does anything better happen for the city of London?

  • Look at the last few mayors, different parties, same billions of TfL debt same lack of houses built, same knife crime outcome.

  • It's all because of what's happening right now.

  • And this quote unquote debate, which is a joke of a word that the BBC is gonna put on tonight, is not a debate.

  • It's literally a dog and pony show played out for you, the citizens.

  • And the worst thing is this is the worst thing is that most of you are going to buy it and say, Wow, that seemed pretty impartial.

  • I guess I'll choose one or the other.

  • It's ridiculous, it's unacceptable.

  • And we have to put our foot down and say no more.

  • So please leave your comments below Share this video, uh, send social media comments to the BBC and just say enough is enough.

  • When are you going to respect the democratic process?

  • What, are you going to stop lying to us?

  • What, are you actually going to give us a choice?

  • I've been asking the mayor for a debate for two months.

  • I've seen thousands of social posts on his account saying when will you debate Brian Rose?

  • And what does he do?

  • Because he doesn't want to debate me.

  • He goes to the BBC and says, Can we get our usual show that we put on for the people?

  • Can you wheel out that conservative candidate and then wheeled me out?

  • We'll have a little chit chat and then we'll do them again one more time.

  • We'll do the voters and they'll think they live in a democracy.

  • But actually, we're running our same game over and over again.

  • I want to stop that as an independent candidate.

  • Everyone I speak to on the streets wants me to shake things up in this government.

  • And yet guess what the mainstream media is stopping it from happening yet again.

  • And that's the reason you don't see me in the media.

  • A couple things here and there were mostly being ignored, even though we have the most compelling story, the best policies in the business, the most support from the public.

  • And again, don't believe these polls that silicon is favored by 50 some percent.

  • That is absolute nonsense.

  • That's more of the line the media is feeding you because it's in their interest because they're all colluding together and again Leave me your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think.

  • Do you demand the debate to happen between all of the candidates.

  • If you do forward this on, leave me a comment below.

  • Let's make this change.

  • Let's actually make it happen, okay?

Yeah, So I was just informed that there will be a debate happening tonight on the BBC are state funded news organization that taxes the citizens in order to pay for its broadcasting.

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