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  • mhm.

  • So I just wanted to thank everybody for tuning in live today on my real deal from the Brian for Mayor campaign headquarters, I live stream for like, 90 minutes.

  • I answered so many people's questions.

  • I've talked directly to so many of the citizens here in London and again I kept saying, Ask the hard questions, asked me hard questions.

  • That's what I wanted to happen so I can be put on the spot to see if I have answers for you.

  • And I played two videos.

  • One was a video of your current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, hiding in a coffee shop for an hour and then running away from the citizens of Enfield when they asked him about his ridiculous low traffic neighborhoods.

  • The other video was me on the streets of Ealing, speaking with a gentleman named Adam and listening to him about all the frustrations he had with low traffic neighborhoods and how it was stopping him from seeing his family stopping ambulances from happening.

  • And it was my job to listen because it's going to be my job to serve him and the citizens of London when we win this election on May 6 enough of the two party system and their nonsense.

  • We've seen what the prime minister does with his conservative party and ruin our economy.

  • We've seen what the mayor of London does.

  • He runs and hides when he's asked simple questions from the citizens.

  • None of them have a plan to rebuild London.

  • Today I announce my plans for the Great Celebration, a 30 day festival starting on August 1st.

  • That's going to show the best of British to the entire world.

  • I'm talking 20 million people coming to this city street festivals, everyday music festivals, every single night, showcasing the best of British food, of British technology, of culture, of theater, of arts, of music.

  • It's going to be absolutely incredible.

  • I want to show the world that we know how to innovate, that we are through this crisis and we are building.

  • It's that British indomitable spirit we're going to showcase to the world.

  • We will be the first city to safely come back and get back to business.

  • This is the event we need.

  • It's called the Great Celebration.

  • The poster is going to be live on my instagram soon, and we are going to make this happen.

  • This is what you get when you put a business person in charge of a city and we're gonna take this to the next level.

  • We're gonna dominate the tourism business for the entire summer for the entire year, and we're gonna reset and move forward and show the world while we're the best at this were the best of everything.

  • And I'm so excited to do that.

  • So this is what you get when you choose on May 6 to elect me as your next next mayor of London.

  • We're excited.

  • We're back on the bus on Monday.

  • I'm coming out there to every single borough in London.

  • I want to meet with you.

  • I want to talk with you.

  • You've seen my picture on All of the billboards in London were very serious about this.

  • My leaflets are dropping through your door stop.

  • We are the best candidate.

  • It's time for fresh ideas for an independent voice.

  • It's time to just get rid of this two party nonsense where they sign off on each other's failures.

  • With their corporate financing and backroom deals and all this nonsense, let's move forward with the best ideas in the business.

  • You've heard them from me.

  • The people have responded and they love these concepts.

  • And I appreciate it so much.

  • So thanks so much.

  • If you want to volunteer for our campaign, find out about our bus tour.

  • Going to Brian for mayor dot London.

  • Check out.

  • My website has been visited by seven million people.

  • Shared over a million times.

  • This is something big that's happening here.

  • You're a part of it.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Have an excellent weekend.

  • We'll be back at it very soon.

  • Yeah.


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