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  • talk to me about what you're seeing.

  • Now, I know you can't give me the name of the coin.

  • And everyone always asked me before before your live events.

  • Tell me what I was gonna say.

  • Tika doesn't tell me that I never asked you either, because we've been in Wall Street together.

  • We respect people's confidential information.

  • The truth is, I'm at the event anyway, so I buy it right afterwards.

  • But, you know, tell people about what you're seeing because I think you're seeing some high level people.

  • You know, some billionaires out there looking into these certain types of coins and maybe the one you're going to share.

  • What do you see happening?

  • Because I feel like you got this weird Spidey sense where when things start aligning, you know something's about to happen in the room.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, you've got people that for years have been saying that they hate Bitcoin.

  • They hate crypto, they hate all these assets.

  • And now all of a sudden, they've done a complete 1 80 they're buying and they're buying in size.

  • So I always say, Look at what people do, not what they say.

  • And especially when I see someone that is a billionaire that has, you know, trashes digital assets forever, and now all of a sudden has done in 1 80 like that is something you need to look at right To develop a billion or multibillion dollar net worth, you have to have the ability to reverse yourself if you know you're thinking is wrong, and for them to and realize that their thinking was wrong and reverse themselves, it means that the opportunity is massive, absolutely massive.

  • But just like anything in crypto, there are a lot of companies masquerading as this type of project that I'm specific type of project in a specific type of sector, which I don't want to give away.

  • Right now.

  • I will on March 24th.

  • But there's a lot of projects in that area trying to masquerade as these real deals and they're not.

  • And the shame is a lot of people are gonna get suckered into buying them, and the way I know that they're not is I know who's funded them.

  • I know the teams that are behind them.

  • I know who's writing the code.

  • I know that the code is absolute dog garbage I know that they've just rushed code to market.

  • They haven't taken the time or paid to have it properly audited, right.

  • But unfortunately, in a bull market, a lot of stuff is getting funded.

  • So another thing that I try to do with my readers is kind of just steer them away of some of the, you know, these these garbage projects that while they might have a momentary rise, you know they'll have their time in the sun for maybe a month or two.

  • They end up just completely confiscating people's wealth.

  • You know, there is absolute garbage, so it's very important to know which of the projects to get involved with.

  • And there I have six of them right now that are on my list that I think have the potential 200 x 200 x 300 x.

  • I mean, that's why I'm calling it my trillion dollar portfolio.

  • I think these can be, you know, when we meet again in a year or two years or three, we'll talk about how, because these projects are so big, you don't have life changing games in them anymore.

  • Yeah, one of the worst.

  • Yeah.

  • Wow.

  • Still more work.

talk to me about what you're seeing.

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A2 garbage reverse buying dollar people portfolio

TRILLION DOLLAR PORTFOLIO | You have to have the ability to reverse yourself - Teeka Tiwari

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/22
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