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  • got Lottie Martinson on YouTube.

  • It says quote.

  • I honestly feel very emotional and almost like a rabbit in the headlights at the things that are crazy.

  • Sad shops, loved ones, pubs, all gone from Camden and Lady, I know how you feel.

  • I go through Camden every single night, and I look at Camden High Street, which used to be this this crazy place where culture was there and people would go and tourists were there and locals and you got the locks and I used to take my son's there, and I used to take my daughter there.

  • I used to always go running there by the canals.

  • Now it's boarded up.

  • It's dead.

  • It's devastated, and I put that on the mayor of London.

  • I put that on him because he's not showing any hope.

  • He's not showing a roadmap.

  • He's not shown a solution.

  • And he's doing nothing proactive for these people that work hard.

  • These people that put their money and capital on the line to create these businesses, it devastates me as well.

  • So I appreciate you showing me that, and I see it everywhere.

  • I mean, you're in Camden.

  • I see that in every single borough of this city, it's hard to watch.

  • I've gone through thousands of miles of boarded up shops As I've traveled around this city.

  • I've seen the expressions on people's faces, these blank stares of people that see no hope for the future.

  • I've seen kids on the street because they've got no schools to go to.

  • I've got a a 16 year old daughter myself, she said.

  • What am I gonna do?

  • Are my A levels gonna happen?

  • How am I going to get a job, or am I going to be doing zoom calls from my room until I'm an old woman?

  • You know these kids, they have no hope because there's no vision from my mayor.

  • It's gonna take a business person to take us to the next level.

  • I think a lot of you know that a lot of people know that, and you're gonna have that choice on May 6.

  • Do you take a career politician or a business person to get us to the next level?

  • It's a simple choice.

  • On May 6, it will be your choice, so let's make that happen.

got Lottie Martinson on YouTube.

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WHERE IS THE CULTURE? |? "The kids have no hope because the Mayor has no vision" - Brian Rose

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