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  • next thing I want to talk about is our very first printed edition of the London Real career.

  • Yes, it's our very own newspaper, and I'm gonna play for you a video right now of printing behind the scenes.

  • A quarter of a million copies are being printed and distributed as we speak.

  • Here's a quick sneak peek behind the scenes.

  • And if you didn't get a good look at what that paper looked like, I'll give you a screenshot right now.

  • This is what that paper looks like.

  • This is actually a shot taken on my desk here at London, Real and Brian from Air Campaign World headquarters.

  • But there you go.

  • There's the picture.

  • You can see it in all its glory.

  • You can see the Brian from Mayor Mug I've got sitting on my desk.

  • But it's an absolutely incredible piece of work.

  • And let me show you what it looks like.

  • Here it is.

  • It's the London real courier.

  • Are you kidding me?

  • Are you kidding me?

  • I brought this home and my son Cade and read it cover to cover my wife even read the whole thing.

  • And this is what it looks like inside you can literally see what I'm doing.

  • You can see the policies.

  • I'm talking to taxi drivers.

  • I'm talking to citizens in the public.

  • I'm out of my battle bus and check this out.

  • We even got a sudoku in the bottom corner.

  • My wife was doing this the other day.

  • And of course, we highlight some of the continuing failures of our Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan as he continues to drop the ball on everything from business to housing to transport to crime.

  • So look for this.

  • 250,000.

  • That's a quarter of a million.

  • Londoners will be getting one of these through your mail slot this week and guess what addition to is coming next week.

  • In addition, threes come in the following week.

  • So all of that's here and again.

  • If you want to learn more about our publications, our policies are our ideas.

  • Go to Brian from mayor dot London, our website, which has now been shared over a million times, visited nearly seven million times our website uh, there is clearly a groundswell of public support for the brine from air campaign are independent voice are fresh ideas and, uh, the truth is We're having a lot of fun here, you know, were telling the truth.

  • Everyone in the public is connecting with us, and we're super excited to take this campaign forward and to win on May 6.

next thing I want to talk about is our very first printed edition of the London Real career.

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THE LONDON REAL COURIER | Yes, our very own newspaper - Brian Rose

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