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  • the first thing you're struck by is the landscape like it's absolutely stunning the entire way.

  • The landscape changes so quickly from one amazing vista to the next.

  • As a photographer like you can't really ask for anything else, there's a lot of inspiring places on the planet.

  • But what I find so special about here is the variety of landscapes of things you can see.

  • We've seen the beach.

  • We've been swimming with dolphins in the ocean.

  • And then the next day we're in a vineyard in Rolling Hills.

  • We were able to have a bunch of different experiences in a very short period of time.

  • Yeah, my favorite experience in Kaikoura was swimming with the Dolphins.

  • There had to be, like, 30 dolphins, and it was mesmerizing.

  • Yeah, it must have helped a dozen times.

  • Um, because every time they came up, it was like a squeal of delight.

  • I've never been that close with wildlife.

  • I was incredibly moved by the experience.

  • Really close to Nelson is this amazing National Park called Abel Tasman.

  • All of a sudden, you're overlooking this amazing body of water with this huge cliff.

  • I don't think that I've seen that kind of a magical beach in my life.

  • Like jaw dropping.

  • The water literally had, like, eight different shades of colors.

  • I got to meet one of the local guides, Leon.

  • She was amazing.

  • She wanted you to feel instantly.

  • Um, what was so special for her?

  • In that landscape?

  • There seems to be something with the people and the landscape that work in sync.

  • And I think this is something that is so real and intense and beautiful.

  • New Zealanders are warm.

  • They do go away leaving here as part of my family welcoming.

  • We love sharing this place with people very open.

  • We go, team, you feel a friendship and a feeling of family, right from the get go.

  • Yeah.

  • The welcoming spirit seems to really be the defining element of New Zealand culture.

  • They love their surroundings and they love to share it.

  • They want to know where you're from.

  • They want to know how you're enjoying the country, like each person that I encountered in that marketplace.

  • And it was really genuine.

  • And this spirit really went through all the people we met, all the regions.

  • There seems to be this mix of pride and welcome that felt truly special.

  • As a traveler, people have gone out of their way to help me understand, then talk about their history, their culture.

  • So in Rhode Aurora, I visited the National Carving School and James he just He was just like this fountain of little stories telling me and giving me a much better introduction to the to the world.

  • I learned about the craft, but much more importantly, I learned about the cultural meaning of the carvings.

  • So there's a word that we learned in coming here called Monarchy Tonga.

  • To me, what that means is that it's an honor to be honoring you.

  • You're always sharing the meals, that somebody we're talking about culture.

  • We're talking about family.

  • We're talking about the things that are important, those personal connections.

  • It wasn't just a welcome.

  • It made me feel a part of things here.

  • I would definitely recommend people go to New Zealand, come and try to experience the nature through the eyes and the hearts of the people.

  • I think it's really easy to go to places where culture is put on display as sort of a tourist attraction, and this was so real.

  • I was really touched by how authentic it was.

  • New Zealand at some point affects you in the most beautiful way.

  • I want to come back very soon.

  • I am in love with this place, right?

  • I'm in love with this place.

the first thing you're struck by is the landscape like it's absolutely stunning the entire way.

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The Quiet Beauty of Kaikōura | National Geographic

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