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  • Don't worry, we're not teaching  you with a 1950s TV series

  • This is actually a 2020  production. WandaVision is as  

  • original of a TV show as anything I've ever seen. This show is set in the Marvel cinematic universe  

  • after the events of Avengers End Game and, if  you haven't watched it, I guarantee that after  

  • watching this lesson you're going to be intrigued  as to what this unique show is all about

  • But in case you're new here every week  we make lessons just like this one  

  • to help you learn English without getting lostwithout missing the jokes and without subtitles

  • Just like Ahmed, who says that the three  days of the week that we publish lessons  

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  • So now keep watching to learn new  vocabulary and pronunciation with  

  • WandaVision.

  • Now having a teacher's guidance can make a huge  impact on your learning, like how in this lesson  

  • I'm teaching you vocabulary and pronunciation  from the scene to help you understand it, without  

  • this guidance you might end up using vocabulary  and expressions that are not so common, sound  

  • unnatural or you might even use them incorrectly. But what if in just a few months you could  

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  • Now it's time to continue  learning with WandaVision.

  • If you'd like to learn some tips and  tricks on how to understand fast speech  

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Don't worry, we're not teaching  you with a 1950s TV series

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Learn English with Disney+ | WandaVision

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