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  • Yeah.

  • My name is Brian Rose and I plan to be your next mayor of London.

  • I want to lead this incredible city in a new direction by rebuilding our broken economy, reducing the frightening levels of crime, building affordable housing and fixing our broken transportation system.

  • I love London.

  • I love the people.

  • The history, the spirit, the culture, the diversity it embodies everything I hold dear in my heart, I believe it truly is the greatest city in the world.

  • I have lived here for over 20 years.

  • I became a British citizen in 2000 and seven.

  • My two young boys were born here, and I plan on being buried in this great city.

  • For the past 10 years, I've been the founder and host of London Real, my broadcasting and education platform.

  • With over five million subscribers and half a billion views, I have now decided to stand for mayor of London because of one fundamental reason I can no longer sit idly by and watch our current crop of politicians drive this incredible city into the ground.

  • The current mayor has decimated our economy and failed to deliver on crime, housing and transport Now is the time for an independent voice and fresh ideas to lead London in a new direction.

  • First, I will kick start London's economy, using my 30 years of industry experience to empower businesses to rebuild rapidly and safely.

  • My proposed business rates and congestion charge holiday until the end of 2021 will maximize football in the city and help our economy rebound.

  • Second, I will lower crime by investing in more police, better trained police and the digitization of the police.

  • This, combined with £100 million in corporate funding for 250 community centers across London, will give our young people the opportunities and support they need.

  • Third, I will build 50,000 new affordable homes by Christmas 2021 utilizing land owned by TfL and modular building technology to quickly and efficiently deliver world class affordable homes.

  • Fourth, I will fix our bankrupt transportation system by properly developing TfL s vast landholdings and introduce an infrastructure levy to capture the billions of pounds of value created by the network.

  • I would then rethink, remove and reduce low traffic neighborhoods and congestion charges.

  • These issues are crucial to all Londoners and every borough faces its unique challenges, which is why I have traveled over 3000 miles during every single one of the 32 boroughs of London on my digital battle bus.

  • While video live streaming my ideas directly to our citizens and listening to your detailed feedback, I have been overwhelmed by the incredible amount of support from real Londoners who love their city and simply want a better future for their friends, families and communities.

  • On my tour, I have learned three things Londoners want to change.

  • Londoners want new ideas.

  • Londoners want real leadership.

  • Our great city now faces a critical fork in the road.

  • On May 6th, your vote will decide what happens next.

  • In this most crucial time of our century, you can choose to have three more years of the same excuses, or you can choose to take London in a new direction with fresh ideas and an independent voice.

  • We have the most incredible city in the world, and I promise to work tirelessly to make London a world class city.

  • Once again.

  • I am confident that together we will accomplish our mission.

  • On May 6th vote for Brian Rose, a vote for change and a vote for the future.

  • Mm, mhm.


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