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  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • There we go.

  • And we get to you.

  • I used glory to desktop.

  • I'm in a position to raise no suspicion over.

  • Cut the poetry.

  • Wordsworth.

  • Did you get crabs?

  • Hair sample yet?

  • Keep your pants on, Woman going to steal his hair's right out of his razor.

  • You here, you know.

  • Well, well, well.

  • If it isn't my thieving husband.

  • So did you bring me the hair?

  • I only needed one.

  • Mhm.

  • You married a genius, Karen, using the DNA from crabs hair and my own DNA from my antenna.

  • Ouch!

  • I will create a combo clone of me and crabs to finally steal the secret formula.

  • Mhm!

  • Mhm!

  • Yeah, Yeah, He's still a boy.

  • Mhm.

  • Behold playing crab.

  • The real island.

  • Wait, How is this a good thing?

  • Wake up, Karen.

  • The plankton side will know everything.

  • The crab side knows it will be easier than taking candy from a baby.

  • We know how successful that was Way.

  • This is different, isn't it?

  • Played crab my pretty.

  • Now here's my plan.

  • Don't wish your breath blinker.

  • And I already mapped out the perfect plot to swipe that formula.

  • Wait to see you soon.

  • PK I love that guy.

  • Well, half of them anyway.

  • Still got a hair in there.

  • Where is playing crab with the secret formula.

  • It's been over three minutes already.

  • Yeah, all right to face.

  • What's the big idea?

  • What have you been doing all this time?

  • Nothing mature.

  • Just stealing the formula.

  • Last taking over this restaurant, however, her right for plank crab He's the best part and kicking crabs out on his bootie or river river.

  • But But, hell hole, it blew me.

  • Hardy was a hearty and shake the world's most persuasive handshake.

  • That is It's me latest creation Twitter.

  • There are a meaty and evil handshake that's hands down The dumbest thing I ever Oh, yeah, Your handshake is exquisite.

  • I believe anything you say they believe this will be.

  • I'll also be coming dearer in the chum bucket from now on.

  • Sounds great to me.

  • Pick a And I'm afraid of services are no longer require a gosh.

  • I still can't get over this handshake.

  • Mhm.

  • I'm over it now.

  • Wait.

  • The crab took me restaurants way.

  • I think he took my way.

  • Don't know what happened, but that we showed handshaking is huh?

  • Redid it Snap out in a handshake.

  • It's a trick craft dirty, beautiful trip.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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Plankton + Mr. Krabs = PlanKrab? | The Krusty Bucket | SpongeBob

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/19
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