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  • mhm.

  • Many of you saw my video over the weekend asking for the immediate resignation of the current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

  • It's gone viral, and a lot of people are asking questions about who needs to take responsibility for the shocking police action that we saw taking place and clap them this weekend.

  • There was a vigil, and it was broken up in a brutal manner.

  • Um, and it was really a complete lack of sensitivity or understanding for the moment that London was having at a really critical time, where both men and women are asking questions about our safety.

  • And unfortunately, we've seen the mayor repeat a behavior we've seen over the past few years, and that is his refusal to take responsibility for those departments he controls.

  • And for his active interest in pointing the finger and placing the blame on anyone but himself.

  • It could be the national government.

  • Uh, it could be the Metropolitan Police.

  • It could be a number of other people.

  • And just to be clear, I want to state the reasons why I am calling for his immediate resignation.

  • Again.

  • Please leave me your comments below and tell me what you think share this video with someone who needs to hear it, But I need to say these things.

  • Um, I've just been onto the mayor of London's own website and it states and I quote in London.

  • The elected mayor, Sadiq Khan, is the equivalent of the police and crime commissioner and is responsible for the totality of policing in the capital.

  • It goes on to say the mayor of London is required by law to produce a plan that explains how the police, community safety partners and other criminal justice agencies will work together to reduce crime unquote.

  • That is clear ownership by the mayor of London that he is responsible for the policing of this capital.

  • And what what do we see after the actions on Saturday?

  • We see the mayor talking about how this was totally unacceptable, how he's looking into an inquiry to find out what's going to happen next.

  • And he's taking no ownership or responsibility that this Metropolitan Police Department is actually under his own remit.

  • And we see this over and over again, this game being played by the mayor, where he decides to pass on the responsibility to other parties to blame others for his own failings, and we just never see him actually taking responsibility and accountability for the actions that happened in his own very city.

  • And the truth is this.

  • He could have been proactive and took actions before Saturday night to make it clear that he supported this vigil to make it clear to the Metropolitan Police that they had to use compassion.

  • And, um, you know, be very careful on how they decided to police that vigil.

  • And yet the current mayor mayor did neither one of those things.

  • And yet what does he do when there are real consequences?

  • He throws his hands up and says, Well, I'm gonna look into it.

  • I'm very concerned.

  • I'm going to take a look into this and take more action in the future.

  • And again, he passes the buck down the line further and further and further.

  • We've seen him do this when it comes to bankrupting our transportation system.

  • We've seen him do this when it comes to his lack of building affordable homes.

  • We've seen him do this.

  • When it comes to the crumbling economy.

  • Here in London, he's always blaming the national government.

  • He's always blaming someone else for his failures.

  • And now we see it when it comes to the police, he's deciding not to take ownership and to blame others.

  • Now I come from the business world.

  • I've had 30 years of experience and everything from automotive aerospace to Wall Street to the city of London to new media.

  • And I know one thing.

  • The CEO always takes the blame for the actions of his own organization, period.

  • And yet when it comes to the current mayor of London, he thinks otherwise.

  • And it's time for us to demand that he takes ownership for everything that he is responsible for.

  • And that includes the policing of this city, per the remit of his own, uh, website that says with description that he is responsible for these policing.

  • Well, if that's true, Mr Mayor, then you need to take responsibility for Saturday night and you need to resign effective immediately.

  • Please leave me your comments.

  • What do you think?

  • Do you agree with me?

  • Do you think the mayor must finally take ownership for there's so many things under his control?

  • Is a city and resign effective immediately?

  • If so, leave your comments below share this video like this video.

  • Tell me what you think.

  • I am asking for action.

  • Now it's time for the mayor to take responsibility for you know, the nine million citizens here and everything that's going to happen going forward, what happens with the next police action?

  • What happens with the next thing?

  • That you want to point the finger and pass the blame on what we deserve?

  • As Londoners is a mayor who we can trust to lead us in this city, who we can trust to use the proper police force who we can trust to run our transportation system, to fight crime and to also build housing.

  • That's what we need.

  • We need a mayor we can trust.

  • And, Mr Mayor, we do not trust you City con.

  • We need your resignation effective immediately.

  • Yeah.


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