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  • mhm.

  • So today was a good day.

  • Today.

  • Our kids went back to school here in Britain, and it's about time.

  • Every day they've been out of school.

  • They've been trying to learn from the screen is a day that they'll never get back.

  • Uh, their their little child Brains develop at such an accelerated rate that it's so important to have that that real life contact with teachers with students with the whole routine.

  • So I'm so happy about that.

  • But it begs this question.

  • What about the rest?

  • And, you know, today I went through Victoria Park and I saw kids coming home from school.

  • Yet they walked by pubs and businesses that have been shuttered for months, and what we don't have is we don't have a solution to rebuild London and kick start our economy.

  • All we have is a set of dates that still seem to be fluid.

  • Based on the prime minister's press conference tonight, we do not have a proactive plan to rebuild London's broken economy, and if we don't get this plan or put someone in charge that has business experience, industry experience, we will not recover.

  • We will not get our market share back, and we will no longer maybe ever, be one of the greatest cities in the world.

  • And this is the problem we face right now.

  • It's a fork in the road.

  • In my opinion, we have two choices.

  • We can go with someone who understands.

  • We have to proactively rebuild this economy with vigor, with honestly, a crazy amount of energy to pull in.

  • All the businesses out there right now ready to be taken.

  • And that could be in the form of tourism and finance and culture and media, all of that that London really deserves to have.

  • Or we could give a few dates when we can open up and just hope that the economy sorts itself out.

  • And that seems to be our prime minister's plan.

  • Uh, Lord knows, our current mayor doesn't even have a plan.

  • He says.

  • Jobs, jobs, jobs over again and makes you think he might have any clue what it takes to kick start an economy, understand economics, and why would we expect him to?

  • He's never run a business in his life.

  • He's been a civil servant career politician for 18 years.

  • Um, he has no idea what it takes to kick start business, and I do.

  • I have a detailed plan to rebuild London's economy.

  • I want to abolish the congestion charge until the end of 2021.

  • I want to drop business rates to zero, and I want to have an incredible event this summer in London That's gonna bring everyone's attention back to what I believe is the greatest city in the world.

  • These are only some of the plans we need to get our office workers back.

  • Um, we need to actually be proactive in helping out certain sectors like the hospitality and arts and culture and our tourism sector.

  • The mayor can be pivotal in all of that, also, by offering discounted travel through TfL in order to kick start this economy, all of this must be done while also the mayor is on the phone to the top 50 CEOs, saying, How can we get this done faster?

  • How can we get more business in the city now?

  • These are the crucial questions that need to be answered.

  • And yet I am certain your current mayor is not having these conversations, and I'm fairly certain even those in our national government are actually thinking about these things are thinking about opening things up and hoping that they go well.

  • That's not how it works in the real world.

  • We have actually an incredible opportunity here right now, where the city that moves fastest and the safest is going to win.

  • Who's that city gonna belong to?

  • It could be London's if we just reach out and grab it.

  • And so I just wanted to say that I'm so happy our kids are back in school.

  • My daughter is back at school today.

  • My boys are going back, but there's so much more that needs to be done.

  • And again, we can't do this.

  • Three months from now, it's gonna be too late.

  • Six months from now, it's gonna be too late.

  • You have the choice to make this decision.

  • On May 6, you can vote for a way forward and again, we're a fork in the road.

  • We can piddle along into austerity, or we can be active and be proactive.

  • So you make the choice.

  • Leave me your comments below.

  • I appreciate your support.

  • Let's make this happen on May 6th, okay?


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