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Everyday, we as consumer's purchase huge amounts of new clothes.
Sometimes because we need to,
most times simply because we want to.
In 2012,
the US alone generated approximately 14.3 million tons of textiles.
That's about the weight of 635 Caribbean cruise ships.
But the problem is not us buying clothes or wearing them,
it's what happens to the clothes we deem no longer useful to us.
And coincidentally,
as we buy and burn
more and more, there are people out there who have less and less.
Introducing "The Rag Bag."
Giving every purchase the opportunity to do good by using something every shopper has in its hand.
The shopping bag.
Instead of letting it go to waste,
we use it to empower brands and consumers to make a difference
through environment sustainability and social responsibility.
Just remove the purchase.
Flip the bag inside out.
Place a used garment in the bag.
And put it in the post box.
The postage is already taken care of.
The garment would then be mailed to charity of your choice.
Adding another cycle to its lifetime.
And, of course, the bag is completely biodegradable.
This is how a simple shopping bag can help you do good
through sustainable fashion.
It's not just a new and easy way to donate clothes,
it turns sustainability and charity into a practical issue.
A simple way to stop talking and start acting.
So the next time someone buys something new,
make sure they donate something old.
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27230 Folder Collection
Colin Lin published on March 11, 2018    Colin Lin translated    Anni reviewed
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