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  • Everyday, we as consumer's purchase huge amounts of new clothes.

  • Sometimes because we need to,

  • most times simply because we want to.

  • In 2012,

  • the US alone generated approximately 14.3 million tons of textiles.

  • That's about the weight of 635 Caribbean cruise ships.

  • But the problem is not us buying clothes or wearing them,

  • it's what happens to the clothes we deem no longer useful to us.

  • And coincidentally,

  • as we buy and burn

  • more and more, there are people out there who have less and less.

  • Introducing "The Rag Bag."

  • Giving every purchase the opportunity to do good by using something every shopper has in its hand.

  • The shopping bag.

  • Instead of letting it go to waste,

  • we use it to empower brands and consumers to make a difference

  • through environment sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Just remove the purchase.

  • Flip the bag inside out.

  • Place a used garment in the bag.

  • And put it in the post box.

  • The postage is already taken care of.

  • The garment would then be mailed to charity of your choice.

  • Adding another cycle to its lifetime.

  • And, of course, the bag is completely biodegradable.

  • This is how a simple shopping bag can help you do good

  • through sustainable fashion.

  • It's not just a new and easy way to donate clothes,

  • it turns sustainability and charity into a practical issue.

  • A simple way to stop talking and start acting.

  • So the next time someone buys something new,

  • make sure they donate something old.

Everyday, we as consumer's purchase huge amounts of new clothes.

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