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  • I'm curious.

  • You know, you spend time here in London at the London Business School, but you also came from that hardcore tech.

  • And let me just say, folks, if you're aeronautical engineer like that's real, that's real stuff.

  • You know, these people know the details.

  • Fluid dynamics.

  • It's like real stuff.

  • How did you find, you know, having both of those tools in your arsenal?

  • Do you think that's what's giving you the edge over the years?

  • Oh, absolutely.

  • I It was one of the smartest things for me to do.

  • Was to do my undergraduate work at a school like Purdue and aeronautical and astronautical engineering.

  • Uh, and to your point, uh, food dynamics, Uh, propulsion.

  • Some people like to call it rocket science.

  • Um, orbital mechanics, uh, structural analysis.

  • All of these tools have been immensely useful to me and my career in terms of understanding how technology works.

  • I started off as an engineer and then migrated over to the business side, which is what prompted me to decide to go to the London Business School.

  • And in particular, I focused on corporate finance.

  • I really wanted to understand, particularly especially as an investor, I've been an investor since I was 16 years old.

  • I want to understand how assets were valued.

  • And I think this is one of the the most critical aspects of being successful as an investor is understanding the value, not the share price, but the value of the underlying asset and whether or not we're investing at a good, reasonable, fair evaluation or if we're investing in a grossly overvalued asset and the time that I spent in London working on that, uh, develop amazing.

  • An amazing skill set in terms of what I do now, which is an investment analyst.

  • Uh, and that helps me, uh, and my subscribers, uh, make a lot of money.

  • Um, and one thing I just noticed is you also got that international experience.

  • I guess I do as well.

  • And, you know, that must have also changed the game, you know, just to be living in a different place, different markets, different ideas.

  • I mean, you spent a couple of years here in London, I think, from 03204 What was that like?

  • It was the absolute best thing I could have ever done was to get outside of the United States and I first moved to, um, to Tokyo, Japan, in 1997.

  • And I spent the better part of two decades.

  • Most of my adult life, in fact, has been spent living and working overseas.

  • Uh, and I've done work in in business in 65 different countries around the world.

  • I've had global positions where, uh, I was really leading an overall business unit in business development.

  • Probably the best thing we can do in terms of personal development is to spend several years living and working in a country that's vastly different than our own.

  • It just helps expand our worldview and think differently.

  • Certainly helped with my creative thinking and to look at, um, uh, companies, technologies, people cultures from entirely different perspectives.

  • And what are your fondest memories of London?

  • Oh, uh, pints of good beer at the local pub?

  • Definitely.

  • No, I I had an absolute blast at, uh, the London Business School.

  • Uh, you know, being right in central London.

  • Uh, absolutely.

  • The finest finest, uh, teachers that I could, you know, dream of being able to spend such, uh, quality time with in terms of corporate finance.

  • I think they're the best in the world.

  • I love the parks.

  • Uh, my wife and I tended to, you know, walk through the parks on the weekends, and, uh, we even enjoyed the ballet and opera also within walking distance.

  • It's just It's an extraordinary city.

  • It really is.

  • Wow.

  • Storm or more mhm.

I'm curious.

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