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  • mhm.

  • So by now many of you would have already seen the article that came out in the express of me, accusing the current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, from cowering in a coffee shop yesterday when some citizens of London we're just trying to ask him some simple questions about one of his low traffic neighborhood schemes that he imposed on the people of Enfield.

  • And you've probably seen the video.

  • Now it's gone viral.

  • Here's a short clip of what happens.

  • So did you talk to very socially regressive?

  • And it's killing people with the evolution.

  • So why would you talk to us today?

  • Please talk.

  • We're just a few residents today.

  • Please talk to us.

  • Well, it's just very disappointing.

  • You know, we live in a democracy, and this is this is really not good enough.

  • He's come here for our vote, I would have thought, and there's no there's no engagement was at all.

  • It was just a photo opportunity and that was it.

  • You.

  • So you can see when the mayor did come out of the coffee shop after holding up in there for an hour and getting his security team to usher him out he doesn't even give these people a glance.

  • All they want to do is ask him a question.

  • They feel like it's their democratic right to expect their frustration with an elected official.

  • And yet they realized at the end that the mayor was there for just another photo op.

  • That's all he was there for.

  • And then he, of course, wanted to leave.

  • Now, word is inside the Labour Party that Sadiq Khan is no longer allowed out in public until the elections on May 6 because it would quote unquote jeopardize the election.

  • So this is the reality.

  • Your current mayor, I cannot go out in public or he's gonna be heckled and yelled at When that happens, he runs and hides, and so they're gonna keep him indoors until the election.

  • And you have me.

  • And by the way, I'm the only person that can beat City Con and I will beat him on May 6.

  • Uh, he knows it.

  • I know, and all of the voters know it as well.

  • And I'm out here literally in the streets, driving my digital battle bus 3000 miles to every single borough in London.

  • I streamed live on digital.

  • I answer your questions.

  • I am here to engage with you, the voters.

  • I want to find out your frustrations.

  • I had a similar conversation with a guy named Adam and healing recently, and I'll post that video here.

  • Um and he expressed his frustrations with L.

  • T s, and I actually stood there and listen to him because I believe the job of the mayor is to listen and serve.

  • It's not to run and hide.

  • And yet that is what City con does.

  • I think we saw his real character yesterday, and my question is, Do you want three more years of this?

  • Because he's gonna keep running and he's gonna keep hiding from the citizens of London.

  • We need a new direction.

  • We need fresh ideas and independent voice.

  • On May 6, I'm going to make that happen.

  • Thank you for your support.

  • Please leave your comments below.

  • And here's a short clip of this gentleman Adam and healing talking to me about the same issues the mayor faced.

  • And yet I am standing and listening to him.

  • And I promise you, Adam, I'm going to find solutions to the LCS when I'm, uh, voted in as mayor, and I'm going to listen to all the citizens of London.

  • Thank you.

  • Actually, everyone stops.

  • And the government?

  • They paid the money to even council.

  • Too many people that feel the same as me.

  • We had an ambulance whilst the skin was that A man had a heart attack all over the news, okay?

  • And they couldn't reach him in time because the ambulance didn't have.

  • This isn't a local council thing.

  • Government.

  • That's where the funding to these places.

  • I'm almost trying to hold my Yeah, cannot operate the shutting down the car mechanics.

  • There's no passenger pharmacy which service the local area that I could walk to shutting.

  • So what they do is they can vary if anybody makes these things.

  • Yeah, yeah.


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“SADIQ Khan called ‘lily-livered’ by rival Brian Rose after London's Mayor "cowers" in coffee shop.”

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/06
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