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In five years, the city will help you live in it.
We love cities.
That's why more than half of the world's population lives in that.
But cities can be hard on for giving places to live
and I'm not just talking about the dating scene. (sigh)
Cities are tough, because they require us to live on their terms
but in five years, the tables will turn, with cities adapting to our terms.
through cloud-based social feedback
crowd-sourcing and predictive analytics will shape our cities to our evolving wants and needs
comings and goings, and late night pizza hand cranks.
By engaging citizens, city leaders will be able to respond directly to our needs and dynamically allocate resources
and pizza.
Systems will connect billions of events in real time to anticipate movement, the react to human preferences, patterns, and demand.
For example, instead of buses running on fixed schedules,
monitoring system that might predict storms during rush hour will anticipate more riders and dispatch more buses.
Through our devices will develop an intimate relationship with our cities
We'll use our devices to do everything from report a pot hole to discover an underground show
As we speak to our cities, they will listen, and become a direct reflection of all of us who live there.
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Future Cities: 5 Future Technology Predictions from IBM

6770 Folder Collection
Vicky published on July 22, 2014    Asta Lee translated    Vicky reviewed
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