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  • right person in charge.

  • We could have our biggest year ever in 2021 but we could also get it wrong.

  • And if the wrong person is in charge, we are facing one of the worst years on record.

  • We've already seen the current mayor of London wants to raise your taxes during the worst recession in 300 years.

  • Again, I took economics at M I t.

  • It doesn't take an M I t degree to know that you don't raise taxes when you're trying to get the economy to recover.

  • Even Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, came out and said, I don't think we should raise taxes right now.

  • And yet what does the mayor do?

  • The labour mayor increases your taxes, increases your congestion charges.

  • He's trying to make millions of pounds with his low traffic neighborhoods and healing in Enfield.

  • I've seen them.

  • I've talked to the people.

  • If we get this wrong, we will see a period of austerity that will crush the economy that will crush the citizens of this city.

  • And it will ruin our one chance we have to rebuild this economy.

  • We are at a fork in the road right now.

  • On May 6th, you will decide whether we go into making London the center of the world, getting London back to work, rebuilding the economy and again making London the center of the world.

  • Think about that, or we go into more taxation more, using fear as a weapon.

  • More blame from the current mayor of London.

  • He's always got someone to blame, doesn't he?

  • It's always the prime minister's fault, whose curiously of the opposite party.

  • It's always someone else's fault, right?

  • It's the transport infrastructures fault.

  • It's the police's fault.

  • It's always someone else's fault.

  • You can have someone who blames others or someone who takes ownership, which is what I believe in doing.

  • It's ultimately my fault.

  • If something goes wrong in this city and who also takes London in a new direction by promoting business.

  • Now, how do we do this?

  • Well, I'm gonna tell you how, first of all we cannot tax our way out of this problem.

  • We've got to provide incentives for people coming back to this city, and that means specific sectors, including arts and leisure hospitality museums all need to be supported now, and I'm not talking about handouts schemes.

  • That doesn't help anybody.

  • I'm talking about listening to these sectors and finding ways that we can support them to generate even more income.

  • And that's why I want to announce today an incredible policy that's going to kickstart the London economy.

  • And, like I said, I think contribute to London becoming the center of the world.

  • And that is this a congestion charge holiday and a business rates holiday dropping both of those charges down to zero from May 17th.

  • So when we open up all until the end of 2021 that means for the rest of the year, starting May 17th, we will see congestion charge down to zero business rates down to zero.

  • This is going to kick start the economy.

  • This is going to change the game.

  • London is going to pull in all the market share from all the cities and countries in Europe.

  • It's gonna pull in all of the tourism income.

  • It's gonna pull in all that banking income, all the income coming from media and and culture.

  • All of that is going to be pulled into London in London is going to become the center of the world.

  • It's going to get London back to work.

  • It's going to kick start our economy and it's going to completely change the game.

  • I actually believe this is an incredible opportunity.

  • It actually is, and it's hard to see that when things are boarded up and we're recovering from this pandemic.

  • But this is the chance.

  • The one who moves first and the one who gets this right will take the lion's share and that that will be a game changer for London.

right person in charge.

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