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  • first I want to talk about something very important, and that is that knife crime is at nightmare proportions.

  • And just a couple months ago, there was an article that was posted in the Telegraph that said this quote Sadiq Khan, criticized for tackling of knife crime as 100 teenager killed during his time of mayor.

  • 100 teenagers killed during the current mayor's time in office.

  • That is unacceptable.

  • And the two London boroughs with the highest rate of gun and knife crime are suffering.

  • Which were we?

  • We were on Sunday and Lambeth where I am right now.

  • So this is something that's very important to the citizens of this borough, and I take this very seriously.

  • I did an entire one hour piece called Real Deal on my website, and I showed you all the statistics, all of the headlines, and you can see it clearly every single year.

  • The current mayor has been in power.

  • Knife crime has gone up and up and up and up, and he's doing nothing about it right here in Lambeth.

  • It's actually been the scene of the most murders in London 154 from the year 2000 and 2012.

  • It's shocking.

  • We've got to do something about it right now.

  • And an article was written recently about this.

  • And instead of the teenagers that have been killed in Khan's time, two of them were 14 years old and nine of them were 15 and 16 years old.

  • I have a 16 year old daughter, and it's just even hard to repeat those facts because it's just unacceptable.

  • And I said this when I was at Tower Hamlets a few weeks ago.

  • When I was speaking to the people there, I said, When teenagers are stabbing other teenagers, it's not their fault.

  • It's our fault.

  • We've failed as parents.

  • We failed as politicians.

  • We failed as leaders.

  • We've got to find solutions to that.

  • And the article went on to say quote.

  • Khan said he would reduce crime only for London to whip witness an epidemic and gang violence, resulting in the senseless deaths of young people and a growth in the culture of criminality.

  • A politician, Iain Duncan Smith, said Sadiq Khan is quote a man who's irrelevance is only matched by his incompetence when called upon to make decisions, and another politician said.

  • Quote.

  • 100 teenagers have died since Sadiq Khan became mayor.

  • That's 100 mums who can no longer hug their Children or see them grow up.

  • And I think about my wife, Mariana, if she had to deal with our teenage daughter being murdered from knife crime, it's just something that's hard to think about.

  • And the article finishes by saying Quote.

  • This is a shocking trend.

  • Knife crime rose by 38% and the year prior to lockdown.

  • Homicides are at an 11 year high, and Sadiq Khan's response is to defund the police by 100 and £10 million and to finish out, the article says it is a terrible indictment of silicon.

  • Londoners deserve a safer, fairer and more affordable city.

  • If Sadiq Khan won't deliver it, then he should step aside for someone who can unquote.

  • And I really appreciate the thoughts of that article and I think it really resonates.

  • And again, I think we're done with the talking.

  • The explanation.

  • There's always a blame.

  • The current mayor is always pointing the finger at someone else.

  • It's time to take responsibility and to take action, and I have real strong policies when it comes to tackling the knife crime in this city, we need to get more police on the ground, period.

  • We need to better train our police, but we also need to invest in our communities.

  • And that's where a lot of the problem happens because our teenagers don't have other things that they can do.

  • We need to invest in these communities and community centers, and I've got a whole detailed plan for that on my Brian from mayor dot loan Policy page Mhm.

first I want to talk about something very important, and that is that knife crime is at nightmare proportions.

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KNIFE CRIME IN LONDON ?: How Knife Crime Is At Nightmare Proportions In The Capital - Brian Rose

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