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  • I think Michelle's mad at me.

  • She's not mad at you.

  • Pretty sure?

  • I'm sure.

  • Mhm.

  • We're all gonna die.

  • Everyone we know everyone we love.

  • I wonder what's better, dying first or dying last?

  • Like do you relish in the solitude of wisdom or is old age just so lonely?

  • Am I a good person?

  • Am I doing enough?

  • You know, there's so many cats in the world without homes. Oh, no I'm not gonna think about them.

  • Okay.

  • Okay, okay.

  • You know, I've never had acne before, but now that I'm 31, like a zit a week like clockwork.

  • Maybe it's stress or too much caffeine or pollution.

  • Our planet is in disarray, and I really don't think humanity is gonna unite as one until we contact an alien forest.

  • Cause then we could be like, you are different!

  • Our skeletons are on the inside, and your skeletons are on the outside.

  • - Maybe it's cancer. - It's not cancer.

  • - Are you sure? - I'm sure.

  • You're not a doctor.

  • - It's a zit. - Yeah.

  • Yeah, I guess you're right.

  • All right.

  • Go to bed.

  • Okay.

  • Goodnight.

  • - I think Maggie is mad at me. - She is not mad at you.

  • - Are you sure? - I am sure.

  • - How do you know? - Because you guys text all day, every single day, including today, and if she were mad at you, she wouldn't text you back.

  • Yeah, yeah, you're right.

  • Yeah, I'm right.

  • Please go to bed.

  • Unless... unless she's mad at me and she's not telling me.

  • - Has she ever hidden that she's mad at you before? - No

  • - Did you do something to upset her? - No.

  • The last thing we talked to her did she seem upset?

  • The last thing she sent me was a cat meme. Oh, look that they do... - Look that they do...

  • Cat memes are good!

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Cat meme is good.

  • Yeah.

  • Please go to bed.

  • Okay.

  • Go to bed.

  • What is it now?

  • I'm just remembering.

  • Remembering what?

  • Everything.

  • - Can you... please... We have to get up early tomorrow. - Oh, my God. Now I'm thinking about everyone we've ever hooked up with some chronological order.

  • - No, please, please don't think about...ohh...whoa...I totally forgot that God exists. - Right?

  • - Are we horrible people? - No, we're not horrible people.

  • - We forgot about him. - He was forgettable.

  • Ma'am, you are ruthless.

  • - Am I wrong? - No, you're not wrong.

  • Right. Go to bed.

  • Okay.

  • Okay, I'm sorry. I know, I know.

  • We got an early morning tomorrow.

  • We don't have time for this, so...

  • Still get comfy.

  • I'm gonna go to bed.

  • Let go.

  • Reality as we know it.

  • - I think you're mad at me. - Oh, my God.

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I think Michelle's mad at me.

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