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  • satellite images show that hundreds of buildings were burned in the past week in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region.

  • Red crosses marked the damaged buildings, and another set of pictures shows the before and after They suggest that fighting is still raging in the disputed region.

  • Although the Ethiopian government says it has mostly stopped, satellite images are being used to keep track off the conflict as access to Tigre is limited.

  • Human rights organization Amnesty International says it has evidence that Eritrean troops massacred hundreds of people in the city of Axum last November.

  • The group used satellite images and witness accounts to document the atrocities.

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  • This'll family got away.

  • They've escaped the fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray region and have found shelter in Sudan.

  • DW news met them back in November when they're just arrived.

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  • We cried and our Children cried with us.

  • They wept in front of us.

  • Shooting started while we were eating way just had to leave in Manila.

  • Their home in Ethiopia has seen almost four months of fighting between local rebel forces and the Ethiopian military, the latter allegedly receiving supports by Eritrean troops gaining an accurate picture of events in Tigre has been difficult to impossible.

  • Journalists have been blocked from entering the region.

  • Phone and Internet services were at times cut completely on.

  • Humanitarian organizations have struggled to get in in early December, U.

  • N human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said there is an urgent need for independent monitoring of the human rights situation in the Tigre region for all necessary measures to protect civilians and for accountability for violations that came about two weeks too late for this woman and some 800 others in Ethiopia's holy city of Axum.

  • That's how many people are thought to have died in an alleged massacre near an ancient Orthodox church.

  • A recent investigation by The Associated Press found that the perpetrators were soldiers from neighboring Eritrea.

  • Onda new report by Amnesty International backs this Up The human rights group says it's collected evidence that era trained soldiers went on a rampage in Axum on the 28th of November after an earlier attack on them by a small group of rebel fighters near ST Mary's Church.

  • Witness accounts describe them roaming the streets and shooting at fleeing civilians with automatic weapons and precision rifles.

  • I saw the people being shot on the ground when they were running approximately 10 people or more, all of them young men.

  • Everyone was scared and ran away.

  • Eritrea's government has denied its forces were involved in any massacre.

  • After the AP investigation was published, the country's information minister called the story a horrendous lie.

  • Relevant Ethiopian institutions had long ascertained Thea utter fallacy of this story he posted on Twitter.

  • Fighting in Tigre is said to be ongoing and it'll be hard to verify what really happened in Axum in late November.

  • But in light of Amnesty International's new allegations, the Eritrean government may face fresh questions about its involvement in this bloody conflict that's playing out away from the eyes of the world.

satellite images show that hundreds of buildings were burned in the past week in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region.

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Eritrean troops massacred 'hundreds' in Tigray says Amnesty International | DW News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/26
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