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  • Welcome to Battle Bus Live.

  • I am Brian Rose and we are live here on the digital battle bus touring the boroughs of Barnet off Enfield of Herring, Gay and Harrow.

  • We are super excited to be here.

  • I just went right up through Wood Green, right by where my good friends Sully, breaks lives.

  • He's a old guests with show.

  • He's interviewed me many times on London Real.

  • We're not going into Enfield.

  • We're super excited to get out to every single borough in London.

  • That's what we're doing here with the digital battle bus in a covert secure manner on live.

  • And I'm looking for your comments on all of the platforms.

  • You're watching this.

  • So wherever your at Instagram YouTube periscope, Facebook, leave me a comment below.

  • I'm literally gonna read them out live so I can answer your questions.

  • The truth is, this every borough in London has its unique challenges.

  • And it's important for me as your next mayor of London to get out here on the streets and look at the problems you're facing and for us to come up for solutions together to those problems.

  • Today, I'm gonna be talking about some very serious issues that Barnett is facing.

  • Enfield, Herring, Gay and Harrow and a lot of other boroughs in London are facing that the mayor is just not addressing.

  • And so we need to talk about these things, and we're gonna talk real today.

  • Like I said, leave me your comments.

  • Share this video with someone who needs it.

  • Share this video with a friend of yours who still doesn't know what's happening here.

  • Because on May 6 we plan on becoming the next mayor of London, and we're super excited here.

  • So again, we are coming through some incredible boroughs here.

  • First of all, Barnett.

  • What a great borough.

  • It's the It's the home of Hampstead Heath in Hampstead.

  • Heath is a huge ancient green area, uh, covering 320 hectares.

  • It's one of the highest points in London.

  • It goes from Hampstead Toe Highgate.

  • It's a place that I go every single weekend.

  • I run the heath.

  • On Saturdays, I jump into the freezing men's pond every Saturday.

  • I do black flips in there.

  • You might have seen that I actually trained from my Ironman race in the Hampstead Heath.

  • It's beautiful.

  • It's home to Ken Woodhouse as well.

  • So thank you, Barnett, for that incredible contribution.

  • It's also the home to the Royal Air Force Museum.

  • This is a Hendon aerodrome, and it showcases the history of British aviation and the Royal Air Force.

  • I actually took my aunt and uncle from Arizona there with my daughter Gabby, many, many years ago.

  • It's an incredible place, so thank you so much.

  • Barnet.

  • Now we're heading into Enfield in Enfield is the home of the Lee Valley Whitewater Center.

  • It's a £31 million white water slalom center.

  • This was constructed specifically for the 2012 London Olympics, and it's still being used today, which is incredible.

  • And Enfield is also the home to the Nights, which is a rock and hip hop band that I had on back in the day at London.

  • Real.

  • They had a great hit song called Welcome Toe London, and like I said, they were early guests and early friends.

  • I just want to give those guys a shout out as well.

  • Next, we're gonna be going into heroin.

  • Herro is probably world known or world renowned for the Harrow School, which is an independent boarding school for boys founded in 15 72 and considered to be one of the finest secondary schools in the world.

  • So a big shout out to Harrow and finally going through Herring Gay, which is the home of Alexander Palace, also known as the Alley Palley.

  • And it's a Grade two listed entertainment and sports venue.

  • It's also situated between Wood Green and Muz.

  • Well, Hill, they got a mean ice rink up there.

  • I've taken my daughter, Gabby, and they have some incredible grime shows with some incredible artists over the years.

  • So again, thank you so much.

  • Herring.

  • Gay.

  • You bring a lot to the city, and we appreciate all of you.

Welcome to Battle Bus Live.

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COVID-SECURE BATTLE BUS ?: Why We Are Going To Every Single Borough In London - Brian Rose

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