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  • We really have to look at what's actually happening here and how we can find the way forward.

  • I believe that consultation and transparency are the key.

  • The problem that our current mayor has is that he's not actually listening to the citizens of the borough.

  • The low traffic neighborhoods have been deployed without consideration.

  • Um, and in some instances they've already been suspended because they've been shown not toe work.

  • They've also been subject, as we've already seen, toe legal challenges and other objections from a real diverse range of stakeholders.

  • And what we need are a few changes in order to make these lt ends viable.

  • And a lot of these were voice with me yesterday and join with me and leave me your comments if you think that these were important for the Lt ends to be viable.

  • First of all, we need clear and visible signage.

  • One of the biggest concerns that Mark expressed to me yesterday and ailing is he said, Brian, they're gonna put a tiny little sign next to the road.

  • No one's gonna know about the charges.

  • And then when I come to visit my grandmother, when I come to visit my Children.

  • I'm gonna find out the next day that I've been charged, he said.

  • That's unfair and I don't appreciate them doing that.

  • And I think it's an excellent concern, Mark.

  • Next of all, we have to publish the plans for these LTs before they they're being launched.

  • We have to publish them.

  • Let the local councils no, let the local citizens know and be clear about what's happening.

  • As you heard from our ex ambulance driver earlier, her LCN just showed up with no notice.

  • She woke up and there was an L T N there.

  • I think she had five or six days notice and I don't think that's acceptable.

  • The next thing we must have our regular reviews based on published KP eyes, including local sentiment.

  • So how do we know if these Elton's air working?

  • We've gotta have a scheduled list of KP eyes and if those air not hit, then we've got a reconsider or remove those LTs and again it could be the emissions.

  • If emissions are going up, we clearly have a problem.

  • It could be a business index if businesses air suffering on the back of it, we have to reconsider it could be an overall rate of taxation of taxes suddenly go up by a million pounds in the borough.

  • We have to really think is that the right thing for our local citizens?

  • And so we really need to have these published KPs to be able to monitor these things in real time and in my world this would be part of my digital first initiative where these air all digitally done in real time that could be monitored on a website and you can literally see how these Elton's air performing.

  • You can see people's comments and complaints and issues and you can also these see their successes if they are being successful.

  • I think one of the most important final concerns is we need to have consultation with all stakeholders involved.

  • This means the residents.

  • This means the businesses.

  • This means the the ambulance drivers.

  • This means the fire brigade.

  • We need to talk to everyone and find out.

  • Is this the right thing to Dio before we just dump a barricade in the middle of a block and say, Guess what we just did.

  • We just solved our emissions problems.

  • This is myopic.

  • It's not thinking far into the future.

  • It's not thinking about our economy.

  • It's not thinking to the residents.

  • And again the people of healing spoke yesterday.

  • They're very frustrated because they feel they're not being listened to by their mayor or their councils.

  • And I think they're correct for being angry, and I think they have a very good point and going forward as your next mayor of London.

  • This is how I would tackle this major problem with lt ends, and this is how it would tackle all of the future initiatives.

  • Again, I bring a digital platform with me to City Hall.

  • It's one that has five million subscribers a half a billion views.

  • I stream with you every single day.

  • I'm answering your questions.

  • I'm talking about this.

  • If you have a concern, you can talk to me on a daily basis.

  • If you have a question, you can talk to me on a daily basis.

  • This is a new level of communication that politics have never seen before, and it's something we're super proud of, and I think that's why our message is resonating so much with all the people in the boroughs of London, people are honking their horns When we go by, people are shouting out.

  • Brian, we've got you were voting for you.

  • We appreciate you.

  • We can see what you're doing.

  • We can see that you care about us.

  • And I really appreciate that.

  • And again, I'm willing to put my business on hold my personal life on hold on everything on hold for the next three years to be your next mayor, and I'm super excited to do it.

We really have to look at what's actually happening here and how we can find the way forward.

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SOLUTIONS FOR LTNS ✅: Why Consultation & Transparency Are The Key To Moving Forward - Brian Rose

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