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  • Let's talk about some very serious issues that I want to talk about today.

  • First of all, I want to hear from you again.

  • All of your comments are coming directly to this.

  • IPad.

  • I'm going to read them out.

  • I've never read these questions before.

  • And this is how transparent I am as your next mayor of London.

  • The first question I want you to answer is what borough do you live in?

  • What is your biggest challenge?

  • And what question would you like me to ask when I visit you?

  • You can also submit your questions on my website.

  • Brian from mayor dot London forward slash bus.

  • There's a form you can also volunteer.

  • You can also download and print out our posters, etcetera.

  • Second question.

  • Why, you'd answer.

  • Are you frustrated with the mayor's streets?

  • Space schemes?

  • Very hard to say that one.

  • Are you also frustrated with low traffic neighborhood?

  • Something we spoke about yesterday at length And do you believe the mayor of London is out of touch with the citizens of this city?

  • Answer that question for me now.

  • Thirdly, are you frustrated with the lack of progress in removing flammable cladding from 150 buildings in London.

  • This is the same material that was responsible for the Grenfell tragedy.

  • Leaving your comment and finally, do you think that free and fair elections should be allowed to take place on May 6?

  • And do you think we need a new direction?

  • Do you think we need an independent vision?

  • Do you think London needs new leadership?

  • Leave me your comments below and I'm gonna go to them very shortly.

  • Let me talk about some of the issues that the boroughs air facing that I'm in right now.

  • Here on the ground barn, it's Barnett is now struggling.

  • There are the unemployment rate in Barnet could hit 10% this year, according to an article that was released yesterday, which would equate to 30,000 people unemployed in the borough of Barnet.

  • It's really unacceptable is one of the reasons might get London back toe Work policy is my main policy, and it's so important.

  • But Barnett has other struggles as well.

  • Recently, 1000 signatures for a quote, no building on Barnet Park's position.

  • It urged the council to scrap plans to restrict access and reduced space at any Barnett parks by building solar panel farms Expanding substations are building electricity storage units on our green spaces.

  • The people of Barnett have spoken.

  • They believe that you've gotta leave those green spaces to do what they do best and allow a green experience for the citizens and not to build on those.

  • And we support the citizens of Barnett in those aims.

  • Next, let's talk about Enfield.

  • There has been a call to remove Enfield's low traffic neighborhoods that's just been rejected.

  • And two large traffic reduction schemes will now remain in place despite claims that they are causing major problems for residents.

  • And I quote roads, air now too dangerous to cross, and people are less inclined toe walk, the increased pollution and travel times and consequently, delays to bus journeys and the emergency services are maximizing the very matters that low traffic networks were supposed to prevent.

  • And again, this shows how much the mayor is out of touch.

  • I spoke with people in Ealing a few days ago that were extremely frustrated with their Elton's literally almost shouting their frustrations out.

  • We did an entire episode and talk about the struggles of the people in Sutton and Martin and Richmond and Kingston, and so many boroughs are frustrated because lt in aren't working.

  • The mayor is completely out of touch.

  • He's done them because I think it makes him look like he's green.

  • But they're causing more damage.

  • They need to be consulted with the stakeholders before they're applied, and they need to be monitored with real KP ice.

  • The other thing that people in Enfield they're concerned about is that no progress has been made after Granville and we're nearly four years later.

  • And almost 150 London buildings, many of those are here in Enfield where I am right now are still wrapped in that same flammable cladding, according to the latest government data.

  • And the London Fire Brigade, for which the mayor is responsible, has completed Onley four off the 29 recommendations that have come from the Grenfell inquiry.

  • And meanwhile, just recently, the mayor has decided to defund the fire brigade by £25 million.

  • And this is of real concern to me, the citizens of Enfield on the citizens of London.

  • There has been a major failure here, and the mayor has refused to take responsibility.

  • In my book you always go to the top on the person at the top has to take responsibility.

  • It's been nearly four years.

  • We don't see these changes happening.

  • And I'm asking you, Mr Mayor, what are you going to do about it?

  • Because we're holding you accountable.

  • Next, I want to talk about Harrow.

  • As I think we're making our way towards a borough as we speak.

  • Uh, yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the Harrow Court fire.

  • And this is when two brave firefighters tragically died while attending a horrific fire at the Herald Court building.

  • Is they bravely went up the tower to attempt to rescue two of those people stuck inside.

  • This horrible tragedy was also featured in the 2018 BBC two documentary The Fires That Foretold Grenfell as one of the five fires that foretold and may have prevented the Grenfell disaster in 2017 in which 72 people died again.

  • I've had a long conversation with the hip hop artist Loki on my show London Real about the Grenfell tragedy.

  • He's been a huge activists when it comes to what was happening, what companies were responsible, how they were complicit with the government and now they have.

  • They have still not been held responsible.

  • And now we've got 150 buildings still with the same cladding.

  • We are frustrated and we look to you.

  • Mr.

  • Mayor, what are you doing?

  • And I think the answer is not enough.

Let's talk about some very serious issues that I want to talk about today.

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LACK OF PROGRESS: There Is A Lack Of Decision-Making & Responsibility From Our Mayor - Brian Rose

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