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  • what is the purpose of these low traffic neighborhoods?

  • What is the purpose?

  • Because ah, lot of people struggle to understand what was the original plan and what was the original purpose.

  • And when you look in to the a lot of the articles I've been researching, the residents complained of quote, a lack of explanation, ah, lack of engagements and a lack of consultation, as well as them being steamrolled through a lot of these schemes.

  • Ah, lot of people are complaining that these prevent people local to an area from visiting their family, even within their bubble, from attending work from attending medical appointments, etcetera.

  • Ah, lot of people, including people that that shouted over their concerns yesterday.

  • Again, it was all socially distance.

  • They said that to me, and Mark said, This is well that this appears to be a revenue generating scheme rather than something aimed at solving our transport crisis.

  • And I when Mark said that to me, my face just completely changed and I said, Mark, wait, hold on a second.

  • The job of the government isn't attacks the citizens to make money.

  • That doesn't make sense to me.

  • The job of the government is to help you.

  • It's to help you build businesses.

  • It's to help you make money.

  • That's the job of the government.

  • And yet they felt frustrated because the fines seemed like a way to make money off the citizens.

  • And I think they might be right, because Lambeth Council has now issued fines of more than a million pounds to drivers not following the low traffic neighborhood rules in the borough.

  • And there's other councils where the fines have already topped £1 million.

  • This to me does not seem like it's doing what the initiative was aiming for.

  • And again.

  • A lot of comments on my recent flogs from emergency services point out the logistical issues with the deployment again, our last comment from an ex ambulance driver said it.

  • It took three times longer to get to someone in one of these neighborhoods.

  • That's enough to be able to lose someone's life to cardiac arrest.

  • This is serious, very serious stuff, but I think it goes a bit further because when you look at these flat taxes and that's what these taxes are on the Elton's, that's what your congestion charge taxes.

  • That's what the U.

  • S.

  • taxes.

  • When you look at a flat tax, it actually penalize.

  • Is lower income families much worse than a higher income family because it's a greater percentage of your monthly income?

  • So all of these taxes actually hurt people that need our help the most, And that's why I'm frustrated.

  • Toe learn that the mayor seems to think that this is something to use to be generating revenue from the citizens at a time when we're all struggling just to put food on the table.

  • I know this because I visited to food banks yesterday.

  • Mohammed off out in Hounslow, um, Hounslow, Food, Kitchen and, of course, Alan Simpson at ST John's.

  • We brought them food and they said, Brian, you'd be amazed who is now asking us for food people that you know professional people, people that own their own houses, they're struggling just to put food on the table.

  • And yet the mayor is putting in attacks that hurts lower income people, Maura and the people that are struggling.

  • But it's not even that it goes even further.

  • Disabled people can't even access their own homes, and it's ah, recent report in the in, The Telegraph said that disabled people were left angry and ignored by council road closures.

  • In a recent report, it went on to say that 72% of those questions were critical of the way lt Ends were introduced and about.

  • They were informed by the town Hall town Hall bosses to the residents of the community.

  • And, it went on to say in the report, by the way, was called Paved the Way.

  • And it was published this last month that went on to say that 77% of the people believe their journey times or those of their carers had in fact increased because of the low traffic neighborhoods.

  • And other people have said that emissions have actually increased with completely defeats.

  • The purpose.

  • A lot of the intentions of these low traffic neighborhoods.

  • So again, I'm sure some of these ideas were pure.

  • I'm sure they were thinking green, but it's another piece of evidence that the mayor is out of touch with the citizens.

  • He's on the top floor of a gap of a glass building, signing off mandates that look green but actually hurt the residents of these boroughs.

what is the purpose of these low traffic neighborhoods?

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