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  • and I'm gonna go on to our second point that I wanna make today about our transportation infrastructure.

  • And this is something that hits a lot of people, especially in the boroughs.

  • I'm in right now, and that is this plan of the mayor to now increase the size of the Ula Zone, and that's the ultra low emission zones.

  • He's increased it now to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and he's increased it by size, which now means it's a £12.50 daily charge for vehicles to go inside that zone.

  • That means if you drive every day, you would need to pay £4550 per year.

  • That is a nightmare type of a cost.

  • How can anyone afford to do that and run?

  • A business is well on.

  • This US area is going to cover so many boroughs, including Camden, Islington, Herring, Gay, Hackney, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich Redbridge and Waltham Forest.

  • Even Enfield knew him will also be covered.

  • This is going toe hurt, and it hurts the lowest income families.

  • The worst.

  • This kind of a fixed tax is the worst for low income families and it's the last thing we need when we're trying to get our economy kick started.

  • And that's why I proposed a congestion charge and you let's charge holiday for six months so we can get business back.

  • I also propose a business rights holiday for six months so we can get the economy kick started again.

  • But it wasn't just the the U.

  • S.

  • Charges.

  • The mayor has increased your congestion charge from £11.50 to £15 in the last 12 months.

  • He's also changed it to where it's 24 7 weekends.

  • Even at midnight, you pay this congestion charge.

  • It's ridiculous and it's hurting us all, and it's crushing our economy.

  • But there was big news last week, and I was speaking to Paul last night.

  • One of my taxi drivers and I speak to taxi drivers every night.

  • I take the tube every morning.

  • I take a taxi home every night.

  • I like to support and also check out these networks and see how they're running.

  • But there was a big ruling by the High Court this week, Um, by Justice Lang, who ruled that this flagship flagship street space scheme by the governor was rushed through without proper consultation.

  • Quote taking advantage of the pandemic to close off roads to general traffic.

  • And that was a riel problem.

  • And the judge concluded that the mayor had quote far exceeded what was reasonably required to meet the temporary challenges created by the pandemic.

  • The cab industry and many people in the neighborhood said your streetscape scheme was created in an ivory tower or maybe in the top floor of a glass building.

  • It was never thought about how it would affect the entrepreneurs on the ground.

  • The taxi tribe drivers that pick up disabled people in the city, uh, never asked them, and then, and it prohibited them from driving on streets.

  • It also prohibited neighborhoods from having a free flow of traffic.

  • And I had Steve McNamara on my show, the chairman of the L T.

  • D.

  • A.

  • One of the largest taxi driver unions here in London, and he complained about these things.

  • He said, Brian, we can't travel what we need to We can't pick up handicapped workers.

  • Um, some of these bike lanes are prohibitive, but the mayor does these things when no one's watching.

  • When we're all on lock down.

  • It's a travesty and I aired his ideas and we put him out there through all my channels and a lot of people were talking about it, and I was so happy to see that they got a favorable court ruling and the high court saw what the mayor was trying to do.

  • He said.

  • It's illegal, it's not acceptable and it's gonna hurt our businesses and it's gonna hurt our community.

  • So I just want to say I'm really happy for the taxi drivers.

  • They got that ruling, and I want to say that these top down politics don't work.

  • We cannot have leaders that are not on the ground that aren't listening to the people in the communities.

  • They make these policies.

  • They put out a press release.

  • They tick off their box for looking green that day, and then they don't realize is that it costs jobs.

  • It costs our economy, and sometimes it costs lives, and I have an entire green first initiative.

  • I am a big fan of promoting the environment, but I want to do it in a sensible way that doesn't crush our economy.

  • And if you want to know more about my green first initiatives go to Brian for mayor dot London.

  • You could see my website and you could see what we have planned.

  • But let's do it in an intelligent way.

  • Let's not do it from the top of some, uh, glass office tower without even thinking about the ramifications.

  • Let's do it by the data and by the numbers, and that's what is the best thing to move forward.

and I'm gonna go on to our second point that I wanna make today about our transportation infrastructure.

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THE ULEZ ZONE ?: How The Mayor Of London Is Looking To Increase The ULEZ Zone - Brian Rose

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