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  • This is nothing against the police.

  • They have a very difficult job and I support the police.

  • I want to fund the police for better training.

  • I want more police on the streets, but they are being asked to do something political in my mind and this goes straight to the mayor's office.

  • They don't want the little guy toe have a voice in this next election because they know our ideas are dangerous because we have the best ideas in the business.

  • And the truth is, the current mayor of London has no ideas.

  • He's failed on crime.

  • He's failed on transport, He's failed on homes and he's failed on getting London back toe work.

  • And that's why I think they find us so dangerous in this message.

  • And that's why we're out here stream streaming with you.

  • We went back on the road.

  • We were pulled over by the Metropolitan Police, but we kept campaigning.

  • The truth is, we could be arrested right now, and if we are, you're gonna watch it live right here on these video feeds.

  • But we're prepared to be arrested to be even thrown in jail.

  • A Zilong as we preserve democracy on the right for free and fair elections.

  • They must take place on May 6.

  • So that's what we believe.

  • And we are asking the mayor that if you disagree with my ideas, if you think some of the data I'm presenting here is wrong if you don't like my ideas to build 50,000 new homes by Christmas By the way, Mr Mayor, that's four times the number of houses you built in five years.

  • I'm gonna do in five months if you don't like my ideas about closing down your low traffic neighborhoods that are literally bankrupting our transport system.

  • If you don't like my ideas about how he could reduce knife crime, then Mr Mayor, debate me and I'm asking you right now.

  • Sadiq Khan, when will you debate me?

  • Everyone is asking on social media.

  • Everyone is asking Why are you Why are you not debating me?

  • What are you hiding from?

  • What are you scared of?

  • I'm the only person that can beat city con.

  • It's time for this debate and I'm waiting for the phone call.

  • We will do it anytime, anyhow.

  • Anywhere we could do it on London Real.

  • We could do it on one of his mainstream media outlets of choice so we can do it right here on Zoom.

  • If you want.

  • It's up to you.

  • So we're looking for that, and we appreciate that.

This is nothing against the police.

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SADIQ KHAN IS SCARED OF OUR IDEAS ?: Why The Mayor Of London Is Trying To Ban Us - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/21
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