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  • What if the TfL could run at a profit?

  • I have a solution for that.

  • What if we could provide money to our community centers from corporate sponsors?

  • I have a solution for that.

  • What if we could build 50,000 new affordable homes by Christmas this year?

  • I have a solution for that.

  • And a lot of people have known me for the past 10 years.

  • And my show London real.

  • I've been broadcasting every single week.

  • Come, rain, come shine.

  • Come, sleep, Come Snow We always deliver.

  • And once I'm on a mission for something, we do not stop.

  • 10 police officers won't stop me.

  • Them trying toe reschedule in election won't stop me.

  • Them trying Thio arrest and detain us won't stop me.

  • Them trying to pull over our bus won't stop me.

  • I'm campaigning as if my life depended on this.

  • Because in my opinion, my life does depend on it.

  • This is the future of the city I love.

  • This is our future.

  • We need to have it under the best leadership possible.

  • We need leaders with innovative ideas with solutions.

  • Brian, when will you debate Sadiq Khan?

  • Whenever he wants.

  • He seems to not want to engage with me in a public debate again.

  • I'm willing to do it any time, anywhere, anyhow, he wants to do it.

  • Maybe he's got an explanation.

  • Maybe he's got someone to blame.

  • Maybe he's got a reason for his repeated failures on knife crime, his bankrupting the TfL, his lack of building affordable housing and his inability to get London's economy back on track.

  • So again, I am asking you, Mr Mayor, tell me when and I'll be there.

What if the TfL could run at a profit?

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BATTLE BUS LIVE ? ?| Why Sadiq Khan Tried To Ban Me From Campaigning & Stop Free & Fair Elections

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/19
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