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  • So I am here on the beautiful old street roundabout here.

  • And what you see, what you see behind me is a city that wants to get back to work.

  • That's why my main policy of get London back toe work resonates with so many people out there from a taxicab drivers to the tube worker.

  • I just spoke to Daniel toe all the people out there and businesses and hospitality that are that air dying for a way to save what's barely left of their businesses.

  • So I ask you, Mr Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson, where is the road map out of this lock down?

  • All I've seen from you is a road map for a road map.

  • We clearly see signs of cases going down of hospitalizations going down off Kobe related deaths going down.

  • You got Steve Baker, the Kobe Recovery Group, one of your own Tory backbenchers asking you, Why can't we get everyone back in April?

  • And yet you say nothing again.

  • We see this entire agenda co opted for political reasons.

  • So again, back in the day, you locked us down when there wasn't clear evidence.

  • And now you're not opening up when there is clear evidence again, this feels more like a political football, which is the whole reason I got involved in this mayoral race here in London is because everything seems political to you folks on the two party system.

  • Every single issue is just ah, piece of capital that you can use to make yourself look good, Make yourself more popular or make yourself get re elected by the citizens suffer.

  • So I ask you, Mr Mayor and Mr Prime Minister, where is the road map out of this lock down.

  • I have friends with businesses.

  • I have friends in the hospitality sector.

  • I have friends in the theater sector.

  • I have friends in the tourism industry.

  • They've all been on my show.

  • London real.

  • They've all said they have covert safe ways of getting back toe work, especially the hospitality industry with 3% of transmissions.

  • I know Jim owners that want to get back to work, especially with only 1.7% of Kobe transmissions.

  • This is according to public Health England zone data.

  • I'm not making this up.

  • They all want a road map out and yet we see nothing.

  • We get zip lips because again.

  • This feels like a political football.

  • Let's get kicked back and forth between this two party system that signs off on each other's failures, and they give you the illusion of choice every four or five years.

  • Would you like something different where you can have these jokers over here as opposed to these jokers over here?

  • Why don't we have an independent voice?

  • Why don't we have a candidate with the best ideas when I get the best ideas from talking to you from talking to businesses, from talking with leaders in the field.

  • And then I put him out there for you.

  • And if you feel great about him and I could see actual solutions, then we move forward with them.

  • This is a new way of leaders being held accountable to the voters.

  • This is real democracy in action, and we're seeing it now with our social media channels on the on the back of the bus streaming live on the back of the battle bus going through every single borough in London.

  • I think we're on our third round of going through every single borough in London.

  • We've logged nearly 2000 miles on that bus on.

  • This is a new era of transparency that we're not seeing right now from the prime minister on.

  • We're not seeing right now from the incumbent mayor who's not even out trying to get your vote because he knows you're gonna vote for him, right?

  • He knows he's going to get your labor vote because your parents voted for that party and there's no real conservative candidate.

  • Why don't you tell them no on May 6 and say, Let's go with independent voices, independent ideas and a clear roadmap to get London back toe work, Something I've been talking about for six months.

  • Ah, clear roadmap to reduce knife crime, Mr Mayor.

  • Ah, clear roadmap to build affordable housing, Mr Mayor, and a clear roadmap not toe bankrupt our transport and TfL systems, which you're doing on a regular basis and taxing us with congestion charges and your low traffic neighborhood schemes which are a failure all over London.

  • Why don't I know that Because I've been in these boroughs and people are literally yelling over to my campaign bus of how unhappy they are.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Do you think we need a clear road map out of this lock down from our leadership.

  • And also do you think it's time for some new ideas?

  • Do you think it's time for a new voice?

  • Do you think it's timeto actually get London back to work with really innovative solutions?

  • Which is why we elect our leaders in the first place.

  • We sure don't elect him for their good looks clearly by our current leaders.

  • Nor are we, uh, electing them for their ideas because I don't see anything.

  • I see them using fear as a tactic, uh, to scare us and to get you to comply.

  • I think that's over.

  • This is the new era.

  • This is 2021.

  • Let's turn the city around.

  • Let's make this city great.

  • All right.

  • So leave your comments below.

  • Thank you so much if you didn't know I am.

  • Brian, I'm planning on being your next mayor on May 6.

  • All right?

  • Thank you.

So I am here on the beautiful old street roundabout here.

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