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  • We've all seen the numbers cases, air dropping, hospitalizations, air dropping, co vid related deaths, air dropping.

  • We know schools in England.

  • They're gonna come back on march 8th.

  • And yet still Ah, Prime Minister has not given us a road map out of lock down.

  • I ask you, Boris Johnson, Why why haven't you given us a clear map?

  • Why can't you empower the entrepreneurs of this city to plan toe higher to invest capital to bring London back bigger than ever?

  • You just haven't done that.

  • And it's frustrating for us.

  • You closed everything down based on a forecast.

  • Now we can see everything looking positive.

  • And yet you won't open this up and why you're doing this for the same reason the current mayor of London does things because he uses everything as a political tool.

  • He takes data and science and then finds a way to manipulate it for political advantage.

  • We saw this the first time we were forced into lock down based on data that was not conclusive.

  • And now we're seeing it now.

  • We can't get out of lock down based on data.

  • That's conclusive.

  • And I think it was Steve Baker, Chairman of the co vid recovery group for us, one of your own Tory backbenchers.

  • That said, If you close down based on a forecast, why can't you open up based on a forecast?

  • And the business owners that I own, that I know the pub owners, the people in tourism, the people in the theater industry, they all say that they are barely hanging on by a thread barely hanging on with the last bit of capital left to open up.

  • This next month or six weeks could be crucial.

  • And they have heard nothing from the government.

  • A whole lot of silence.

  • We're hearing some announcement on the 22nd, but the prime minister is doing what he's really good at, which is hedging his bets on giving himself all the options so he can look the least worse on.

  • The mayor of London does the same thing.

  • They play this game that makes him look like enemies.

  • But they do that in order to bounce your votes back and forth.

  • What we need is we need a plan to get London back to work.

  • We need a plan for a proportionate response to this virus.

  • We need science Base solutions.

  • We need a new vision, Ah, vision that is independent of party politics that's independent of corporate fundraisers that's independent of agendas and back room deals on.

  • That's what I proposed to you.

  • That's why I think my ideas have cut through so quickly to the voting population in London.

  • That's why bus drivers honk their horns and taxi drivers say Good luck, Brian and people on the streets say, I'm voting for you because I believe we have the best ideas and the business.

  • That's why we're currently in second place to be your next mayor of London.

  • Again, this is a on an all time record never happened in the entire history of the London mayoral candidacy.

  • And we're super proud to be really championing your ideas, thes air your ideas.

  • And we put the best ideas out there on the best ideas win, and that's the way we move forward.

  • So this is a new way of leadership.

  • This is a transparent way where I'm using my five million followers, my half a billion views to talk to you every single day.

  • This is my third video I've made today talking about my policies, talking about my plans to improve our transport sector to drop congestion charges to remove the l T n the low traffic neighborhoods to reduce knife crime.

  • I have a plan to invest in communities and finally toe a build affordable housing.

  • I have detailed plans on my website.

  • Exactly how we're gonna do this.

  • The current mayor of London has no plans.

  • A matter of fact, he's had the audacity to suggest this is a two party race between him and the conservative candidate.

  • If that wasn't a sign of weakness and fear, I don't know what is.

  • Because everyone knows who I am because I'm out there on your devices.

  • I'm driving a bus around London, almost 2000 miles.

  • We've logged on the digital battle bus coming to every single borough to see you and find out what are your concerns?

  • What are your challenges?

  • What are your problems?

  • How can we help you solve them again?

  • I think it's time for a new direction.

  • I think it's time to make London a world class city once again.

  • And that's what I hope to dio as your next mayor.

  • We got 78 days left.

  • I need you to register to vote.

  • I need you to vote early for us.

  • More details coming on that soon.

  • Leave your comments below.

  • Tell me how you feel and go.

  • Ask the mayor.

  • When will you debate Brian Rose?

  • He still hasn't come back to me.

  • Is he scared?

  • Is he embarrassed?

  • Does he have nothing to say?

  • I don't know.

  • I haven't heard his solutions for knife crime at nightmare proportions.

  • I haven't heard his solutions for building affordable houses.

  • He's built effectively None.

  • I haven't heard his solutions for making the transport for London Go.

  • Not bankrupt again.

  • He But he just raise your affairs just days ago.

  • I see no plans from him.

  • Go ask him and say, Mr Mayor, what are your plans on?

  • Why won't you debate Brian Rose?

  • If he has an answer, let me know.

We've all seen the numbers cases, air dropping, hospitalizations, air dropping, co vid related deaths, air dropping.

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